Build up your human capital with the Competency Matrix extension for SAP SuccessFactors

Human capital is one of the most important assets of any organisation. Helping your employees grow and expand their professional competencies benefits not only them, but your company as well. To help organisations maintain a clear overview of all competencies and invest in the right training courses, Flexso created a SAP SuccessFactors extension: the Competency Matrix. Here’s how it works.

What is the Competency Matrix?

The Competence Matrix is a SuccessFactors extension built by Flexso. It enables managers to easily keep track of their employee’s competencies and plan the necessary training through an intuitive and interactive dashboard. The central database provides a clear, at-a-glance overview of each team member’s competencies within the entire organisation.

Competency Matrix Fleso imageWhat is the Competency Matrix?

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The advantages of the Flexso Competency Matrix

The Competency Matrix offers major benefits across the board:

  • It provides insight into employee competencies and offers a starting point for their individual growth journeys which benefits your organisation as well.
  • You get a single overview of all competencies and areas of improvement across your organisation. This helps you spend your learning and development budget more effectively and serves as a guide when redistributing internal talent to where it is best put to use.
  • It lets you determine which skills are missing in your organisation and hire new people accordingly.
  • It helps you build better, more balanced teams.
  • It boosts customer satisfaction: better teams provide better service.

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3 steps towards better human capital management

  1. Create a clear overview
    Consolidate all the information within your organisation concerning employee competencies in a single, regularly updated database that all managers and HR personnel have access to. This way, you have an accurate representation of the existing – and missing – skills within your organisation and can act accordingly.

  2. Improve individual skills
    Based on the competencies overview, you can decide which training courses are required and assign them to specific employees. This helps them build new skills or improve existing ones, ultimately empowering them to perform better in their jobs and keeping your employees happy and motivated.

  3. Build balanced teams
    Thanks to the clear overview of competencies within your organisation, it becomes possible to create new teams or improve existing teams by matching members with complementary skillsets in a strategic way. This increases the team’s productivity and ultimately leads to better service and happier customers.

How UNILIN used the Competence Matrix to build balanced teams

Before the Competency Matrix, leading flooring company UNILIN used multiple Excel spreadsheets to keep track of employee competencies. By creating a single overview, managers and HR can distribute these competencies better throughout the company and schedule training for individual employees that helps them achieve professional growth.
Check out UNILIN’s competence management journey

Header UNILIN Competency MatrixHow UNILIN used the Competence Matrix to build balanced teams

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