Business transformation

Business transformation: the key to any implementation success

An integrated ERP system, a digital supply chain, innovative technologies: digitization gives you a head start. But is your business ready to take the leap?

Behind every successful digital transformation there’s a business transformation. Together, we will ensure that your processes and people are properly aligned.

Prepare your business
to go digital

Switching to a new platform or technology? Or going through a digital transformation? Sure, you first need to select the right technology. But technology is not the only key to project success. Do you have a team of business process owners who know the existing processes? Have the right key users been selected and can they free up enough time? Are there facilities for testing and training? And how do you ensure that everyone is on the same page?

Prepare your business to go digital. Let us guide you every step of the way. To make sure you get maximum benefit from your new software.

Business transformation digital

Ensure user adoption of custom software

Does your business transformation include custom development? Then how do go about designing a solution from scratch that achieves your business goals but still puts people at the center? Discover what our Flexso AppHaus can do for you!

Transformation roadmap

Mapping the path to success

We look beyond the technical implementation. In a series of interactive workshops, we analyze your organization to understand what will be required for a successful transformation. Objectives, strategy, processes, data, people, skills and culture: we map everything, identify the challenges and draft the roadmap together.

Business Transformation - SAP - preparation

Prepare your business for a digital transformation

Prepare your business for a digital transformation

Support from kick-off to long after go-live

The right support for you

Don’t have enough capacity or the right skills in-house to analyze your processes, match business requirements with IT or manage the implementation? Need to implement project and/or change management? Call in the experts! From business analysts, trainers and testers to certified change managers: we’ve got you covered.


Fast and reliable testing

Implementation can’t be successful without efficient testing. Testing can’t be done properly if we don’t have in-depth knowledge of your business. Together, we translate the business needs into test scenarios, to ensure testing can be done quickly and reliably. Where necessary, we focus on automated testing. To make sure we don’t overlook even the smallest detail.

Training and enablement

Make time for training

No matter how great your software, how it’s used can make or break your new system. That’s why it’s crucial to have all employees master the software from day 1. Too time-consuming? Leave the training to us. We provide hands-on training ahead of go-live and even develop training formats. These guides enable you to introduce new colleagues to the system at any time in the future.

Change management
Everyone on the same page

If your people don’t embrace the new system, you won’t make the most of it. So, put the users first: make sure that they can and want to work with the new software. Our Prosci ADKAR®-certified change managers are also experts when it comes to people skills. From general change strategy to personal coaching: we gradually remove every obstacle.

Business transformation change management

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