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SAP apps and extensions: innovate and differentiate

Do you want to really make a difference in your organization while still keeping the core clean? Combine standard SAP solutions with unique extensions to achieve your specific business objectives.

Quickly and easily create user-friendly, scalable applications with the SAP Business Technology Platform and go for cloud innovations such as mobile, scanning, workflow, low code/no code, chatbots, machine learning and IoT.

Increase your competitive advantage
with unique SAP Applications

Today, many standard SAP solutions are the best practice for your business processes and for innovation. But what about the challenges that are unique to your organization? Or ways to gain a competitive advantage?

That's where SAP apps and extensions come in: enrich your solid SAP foundation with applications that stimulate rapid product development or new working methods. How do you approach that in a good, structured way? With the solid SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) and the expertise of Flexso.

Create your own extensions.

Create extensions in sap

The power of the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)

First things first: building apps requires a good foundation.

In the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) you can quickly build apps and extensions and gain access to the latest technology. It's a must for those who want to get the most out of their SAP infrastructure. Moreover, you can get started within a month, thanks to our Start2Extend Accelerator!

Look at what already exists

Before investing time and resources in the development of a custom app: check the SAP Store.

There are already a lot of "prefab" extensions and apps on the market: Fiori apps built by Flexso for example, or by SAP itself in the SAP Fiori Apps Library. They are ideal for out-of-the-box implementation or to use as a starting point. Not sure what's best for you? We are happy to guide you through in a “Fiori use-cases discovery workshop”.

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