Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Optimise interaction between your marketing, sales, service and e-commerce to keep your customers coming back for more.

Create an omnichannel CX approach, streamline your online and offline touchpoints, and craft the ultimate customer experience.

A customer journey
that exceeds all expectations

Respond to your customer's rapidly changing expectations: optimise your processes and offer a personalised approach throughout the customer journey. The modular SAP CX suite will allow you to prepare your organisation for a next-level customer experience. The benefits? Satisfied customers, a consistent customer experience across all channels, outstanding data security, data-driven decisions and built-in integration with your ERP, to name just a few.

Discover the SAP CX suite.

Blog customer experience 4 personasA customer journey that exceeds all expectations

Get a 360° view of your customer

To meet your customer's expectations, you need to know their needs.

Modern CRM solutions allow you to centralise and manage all customer data on the same dashboard and get a 360° view of your customers. SAP Sales & Marketing Cloud can also be linked seamlessly with your ERP system. That makes it the ideal basis for even more insights!

Personalise your customer experiences

SAP Marketing Cloud allows you to discover what your customers want and offer them a unique experience. You can personalise customer experiences and build long-term relationships by means of targeted marketing campaigns and marketing automation. Create loyalty and trust and gain more insights into your customer by offering flexibility. And with the Flexso CX Sales & Marketing accelerators, it is all up and running at a record pace.

Find out more about our SAP CX Sales & Marketing accelerators.

Offer the best customer service

Impressive customer service that goes above and beyond, isn’t that what we all want?

Give your customers unforgettable service before, during and after their purchase and they will definitely come back for more. So what do you need to achieve it? Streamlined customer service based on reliable data – with the SAP Service Cloud, we can help you make it happen.

Flexso as your CX integration partner

Whether you are looking for advice or an end-to-end partner to implement your CX solution, we’ve got you covered. When working with you, we will always take everyone's needs into account: those of your company/organisation, your employees and – of course – your customers.

Customer experience analyse

Analyse your situation

How are you currently working and where do you want to go? We will provide the right advice.

Customer Experience integrate


Using the modular SAP CX suite, we will ensure that everything is interconnected, including smart integration with other SAP (or even non-SAP) solutions.

Customer experience data

Leverage data

The SAP CX suite allows you to centralise all your customer data. That way, you can get to know them even better.

Customer exeperience optimise


Build the ultimate customer experience based on deep insights and personalised dashboards.