Customer Experience

Customer Experience

How do you keep all your customers happy, to keep them coming back? Are all your sales, marketing and services processes aligned and optimised, ready to reinforce each other?

Optimise your processes and evolve in line with your customers’ rapidly changing expectations and needs. That’s how you’ll turn customers into loyal fans and ambassadors, while you keep leading the pack.

A customer journey
that exceeds all expectations

Your customers know exactly what they want – and how they want it. Yet, do your sales, marketing and customer services teams understand those needs too, and can you cater to them? If so, you’re up for gold!

The key to all that inside information? Digitalisation, of course. More than that, digital tools will help you offer exceptional services, optimise the buying experience and personalise the customer journey.

Exceed every customer expectation. Let us guide you along the way.

Get a full 360° view on your customer

The right CRM solutions will help you gain a 360° view on your customers and on their expectations. So that you can approach everyone exactly at the right time, in the manner that suits them best. Your win? Smooth sales cycles and happy customers. Moreover, a CRM solution offers many more benefits, for sales, marketing as well as customer services:

  • Time savings and increased efficiency, by automating manual processes;
  • Fast and accurate reporting;
  • Work any time, any place, thanks to mobile access;
  • Smooth collaboration, with intuitive tools.

Create the ideal buying experience

An e-commerce solution, a customer portal …: how do your customers prefer to do business? And what channels are they using? Pick and choose the right sales channels and create the ultimate buying experience for your B2C or B2B customers. Your sales and service teams, for their part, will get more time for activities that truly boost the buying experience – like answering complex questions.

Offer stellar customer services

How do you meet – or, better yet, exceed – customer expectations without putting too much pressure on your team? Streamline your services based on reliable data and embrace digitalisation to the full. Automation will also relieve your team of repetitive administrative tasks. Instead, they’ll have time for truly valuable interactions with customers.

SAP Intelligent Service cloud

Why SAP Intelligent Service Cloud is the key to stellar customer services

Why SAP Intelligent Service Cloud is the key to stellar customer services

Flexso as your CX integration partner

Are you struggling with a specific customer experience question? Need an end-to-end partner who supports you in every step of your customer experience journey? We’d love to help, with analyses, advice, implementations, integrations and support that takes into account the needs of every stakeholder: your company/organisation, your employees and – of course – your customer. Our offering in a nutshell:

Customer experience analyse

Analyse your situation

We analyse your current approach and toolset to then optimise them.

Customer Experience integrate


We integrate solutions and tools: from CRM, e-commerce solutions and portals to ERP systems (SAP and non-SAP).

Customer experience data

Leverage data

We help you harness the power of data: centralising all customer data from marketing, sales and service into one, single overview.

Customer exeperience optimise


Continuous optimization is crucial for a lasting success. We help you finetune or expand your approach, based on new insights and developments in the release update.

Enchant your customers with the ultimate customer experience?

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