SAP Managed Services: FAQ

Get the most from your SAP applications and keep your business evolving permanently. Choose Flexso as your end-to-end SAP partner and enjoy total peace of mind.
Today, more than 120 clients draw on Flexso's Managed Services to be sure of an efficient, flexible and future-proofed SAP landscape.

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See the most-frequently-asked questions about our Managed Services below:

Specialised service

What scope does Flexso support in SAP?

Wondering about the latest release of SAP SuccessFactors? Curious about your Concur module's integration potential? Considering a migration to SAP S/4HANA? Any of these questions can be brought to us.

As an end-to-end SAP partner, we rely on a multidisciplinary team of more than 400 functional and technical SAP experts. Which gives us high-level expertise across all business lines. Our experts are an add-on to your internal team and give support with a variety of cloud applications and ERP systems in your IT landscape.

Is partnering Flexso to implement my SAP project a precondition for getting the Managed Services package?

No, not at all! Whatever business process you seek a solution for, Flexso is always the right place to come. Lots of new and existing clients began the journey with us.

Granted, if the overall project was started with Flexso's help, we would move quickly, thanks to our internal knowledge-sharing, and establish aftercare and monitoring for your landscape in next to no time. But if you don't have a project in progress with us, we can agree a structured approach based on a smart knowledge-transfer. Our experts can offer specific support tailored to your organisation.

Is my SAP infrastructure also monitored?

Obviously, your business-critical processes should be permanently available and efficient. Alongside application experts, we have a dedicated team of infrastructure specialists at Flexso. They keep your SAP landscape safe, efficient and up to date. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

How does Flexso stay informed of my environment?

Staying informed, in order to offer the right services, is a crucial part of our approach. Before proceeding with a partnership, we always open with a structured intake-talk to clearly identify the expectations and needs in close consultation with the client.

After defining the service type and the scope of the SAP landscape, we assemble a strong team of functional and technical Flexso experts to monitor evolutions in your SAP landscape at close quarters. Our knowledge-sharing culture and internal coverage of all the competency areas leads us to the ideal solution every time.


Customer-oriented partnership

In what languages do Flexso's Managed Services offer support?

With establishments in Benelux and Austria, we can offer support in Dutch, French, English and German.

Luckily, we all speak SAP. 😉

How long does it take to answer my question?

Depending on the urgency of your ticket, we deliver the appropriate support in Flexso 4me (the user-friendly support tool) as quickly as possible. We also respect any Service Level Agreement (SLA) agreed beforehand.

What if you can’t resolve my question?

As an accredited SAP partner, Flexso offers end-to-end services. We act as a bridge between the client and SAP.

We monitor all messages and email between SAP and the client. Therefore, our team is always up to date on the action to be taken. If necessary, we contact SAP for solutions on the client's behalf.

In what situations can my Flexso expert provide on-site support?

With good enough reason, the whole Flexso team will provide on-site support. Arrangements are made through talks with the client's internal team, and any issues or problems are dealt with on a site-visit.

How do I stay informed of new developments in my SAP solution/module?

Along with our culture of sharing knowledge and collaborating closely, we try to keep a finger on the pulse of the most recent SAP developments.

To keep partners and clients fully informed, our internal specialists also share new developments in their fields through internal release sessions, and developments and relevant use-cases are covered at client events. Would you like to stay up to date on the latest features in your SuccessFactors, S/4HANA, IBP or other SAP-module? Be sure to sign up to our newsletter or stay tuned to our latest communication channels.


User-friendly tooling

How can we reach you?

Our staff and offices can be easily reached by using the contact details on our website. Our Managed Services team is available to offer support wherever needed on weekdays from 8 am to 6 pm. It can be reached through our Flexso 4me channel, a digital platform on which we manage queries and comments about our Managed Services and handle them accordingly.

If you have a query that calls for more flexibility, we also provide the relevant monitoring and support after office hours and over the weekend.

How do I log a ticket on Flexso 4me?

All your organisation/business contacts have access to our web application, Flexso 4me, where they and can log a ticket with 1 click of a button. All we ask is a description, the services or employees impacted and the priority. Attachments and screenshots can be added to provide more details with your query.

To whom do I address my questions?

Incoming queries to Flexso 4me are automatically allocated to the right expert team, to ensure that time is not lost locating an assistant for the client. Opt for premium support and you will be assigned a permanent contact, as your first point of contact at Flexso. They can be contacted quickly if your query will not fit on one ticket.

Our colleagues get continuous support from a varied team of functional and technical experts in multiple areas of SAP expertise. Besides a dedicated ‘landscape owner’ for your overall SAP environment, there is always someone on hand to guide you through the ins and outs of your modules and technologies.

How do I track my ticket status?

We make it as easy as possible to track your tickets at any time through our support tool. You get to see your ticket status as well as the person assigned to the job in real time. As a client, you also get a link to a ticket list in the dashboard, which gives you a helicopter view of how things stand. You also get ticket-progress updates and status changes by email.

How do I get an overview of my questions?

The Flexso 4me support tool gives you a dashboard to carefully track your tickets and actions. The platform offers an overview of the action taken and provides a transparent, qualitative approach to keep all parties concerned up to date and track every change in your environment.

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