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How SAP Business Technology Platform facilitates the ‘One Etex’ movement

Etex recently introduced its ‘One Etex’ movement, which is all about simplifying, standardising and adding agility to structures, processes and systems around the world – paving the way for innovation in the process. With this goal in mind, Flexso helped the Etex team implement SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) as a structured hub for custom development initiatives.

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How to co-create your own enterprise-ready SAP extension with SAP Business Technology Platform

As bimodal IT enters the mainstream, we’re noticing that plenty of organisations have bright ideas about business-boosting extensions to deploy on top of their core IT systems. But, it’s easy to get bogged down by all the platforms, services and software available out there claiming to help you develop enterprise-grade applications. Fortunately, SAP Business Technology Platform offers a killer toolkit for business-focused innovation.

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SAP Datasphere – A future-proof data landscape in the cloud

We live in a digital world, where everything moves at lightning speed. Companies are challenged in changing their business models because of shifts in the market. Speed and agility are essential to the survival of our organizations. Same goes for data management and the access to mission-critical information. With the cloud BTP solution of SAP Datasphere, you build the foundation to a future-proof data landscape within your organization.

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Cloud integration: choosing the best tools and linking them

It's all about the cloud these days. More and more companies are already relying on cloud applications and the number of cloud users is growing exponentially. However, thorough knowledge is necessary to implement a successful cloud strategy. How do you choose and implement the right cloud solution and how do you link it correctly to existing cloud or on-premise systems?

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