Managing the pre-award process for your research project

A strong pre-award process can make all the difference when it comes to receiving funding. The stakes are high, the administrative load is heavy and the process is complex. No wonder so many researchers dread this phase in their research project. Developing a research proposal, composing a budget, preparing a timeline, filling in form after form… pre-award takes up a lot of time. But what if you could follow up on your pre-award research project more efficiently? Introducing: Flexso’s Research Management Package at your service!

Alleviate the workload for researchers

By fully automating the pre-award stage of your research project, the Flexso Research Management Package significantly reduces the workload for researchers and administrative employees. Never miss another deadline, thanks to milestones that alert users when a task needs completing.

Another major advantage: all of your research project data will always be handy and centralized at every stage of the pre-award process. This reduces the need for other tools, such as Excel and email, and avoids fragmentation of your data. So, no more frantic searching for the right file!

UGent automates research management processes, for big wins

UGent decided to take their financial and operational approach to research project management to the next level.

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Build effective reports

Because you keep all your research project data in a single system, you can now set up effective reporting. Determine and analyse specific KPIs and gain insights from previous research funding applications that you won or lost. You can even fill out new applications based on historical data, reducing your workload even further. This is particularly useful for applications submitted to the same funder.

Research Management Reporting

Manage different funding models

We love all the apps in the Flexso Research Management Package, but if we had to choose a favourite, it would have to be the funding model management app. Why?

  • It lets you record all the rules related to a specific funder, eliminating a lot of tedious admin when submitting multiple applications.
  • Need to make a change? You only need to adjust it once – everything is updated automatically.
  • Rules about budget categories, overhead, own contributions and more are all captured.

Simplify your budgeting and reporting process for external funding

The app enables you to easily maintain the different funder rules to ensure that you can budget and report according to the funder’s format. The app integrates with both an on-premise and cloud SAP S/4HANA back-end system and extends SAP portfolio and project management/EPPM/Professional services. Find us in the SAP Store.

Why manage your pre-award research project with Flexso’s Research Management Package?

Flexso has a deep knowledge of both SAP technology and research management processes. Our blended team of dedicated research project analysts and digital developers gives you a head start in getting results fast. We work fit to standard: this means all functionalities are already present from day one. From there, we finetune the solution to suit your needs.
How to manage your research project from pre-award to closing

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