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SAP CX release 2108

No holiday for the SAP team! Summer or not a new quarterly release is upcoming for all SAP CX Cloud solutions. This is of course good news for our CX team Koen, Lien, Erik and Karel. In the article below we highlighted the most important topics for each member. If you want to know more of some of the new features feel free to reach out.

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CX-Release 2108-whats-new

Dev2Dev webinar: go explore SAP Fiori elements

SAP’s latest tools and technologies (think: SAP S/4HANA, ADT, RAP, CAP, CDS, BAS and UI5), two experts and a bunch of smart, curious developers: these are the ingredients of our hands-on Dev2Dev series. Created by developers for developers, the webinars provide you with all the insights – and all the nitty-gritty – you need to get the most out of the latest SAP technology! In the session on 30 September: go explore SAP Fiori elements with Yor and Nico.

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Dev2Dev-Fiori Elements

Dev2Dev: 6 years of S/4HANA conversions - talking with ABAP experts

Want to make your way through to the latest & greatest SAP development techniques in SAP S/4HANA, Business Technology Platform and Fiori? Want to take on the hot topics and challenges which might come across? Join our series of deep dive sessions which we entirely created by developers for developers.

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SAP Cloud Integration Consultant

Heb jij interesse in cloudtoepassingen? Leg jij logische links tussen applicaties, processen en securityvereisten? Je komt tot je recht in een open en ambitieuze omgeving waar je je eigen weg bepaalt? Dan klink jij als onze nieuwe SAP Cloud Integration Consultant. Lees vooral verder.

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