UNILIN creates unified view of employee skillsets with Flexso's Competency Matrix

UNILIN is a global reference for interior design and construction. As such, it invests heavily in its people, helping them pursue their interests and build the skills they need to grow. When UNILIN wanted to invest in technology to support this human capital growth mindset, they turned to Flexso for advice.

Header UNILIN Competency Matrix

Building balanced teams

Matching the right employee with the right competencies to the right job, and provide specific training programmes when and where necessary: that’s UNILIN’s ultimate goal. However, with the company’s current competency management setup, that’s no easy feat. UNILIN’s competency data were scattered over multiple Excel matrices throughout the company, and were used in different ways by each manager.

“The problem with Excel sheets is that we have no central database keeping track of all employee qualification data”, Talent Director Nick Leenaert explains. “There’s also a major risk of ending up with multiple versions of the same Excel sheet, leading to decentralised data. What we need is a single point of truth that offers one overview of all competencies and qualification levels within our organisation.”

“By keeping track company-wide, we can ensure redundant skill-sets, so we don’t have to face production issues when an employee gets sick, retires or leaves the organisation”, Nick continues. “It’s also a great way to keep track of certification-driven qualifications – for example to let us know when our forklift truck drivers need to renew their license.”

Nick Leenaert

“Flexso worked together seamlessly with our internal IT and HR departments to get this solution off the ground quickly and smoothly.”

Nick Leenaert - Talent Director at UNILIN

A clear overview of each employee’s competencies

To achieve that goal, UNILIN and Flexso first considered the standard SuccessFactors suite already available at UNILIN. However, further analysis showed that SuccessFactors, although it would be a major improvement, would not tick all the boxes. That’s why UNILIN decided to opt for a tailor-made side-by-side extension to expand SuccessFactors’ possibilities.

Flexso Competency Matrix

The Competency Matrix extension for SuccessFactors that Flexso developed, enables UNILIN’s managers to easily keep track of employee competencies as well as certification related training through an easy-to-use, interactive dashboard. More than offering a clear overview of each employee’s current competence levels, it also allows managers to decide on the next steps to improve each team member’s skills.

The Competency Matrix: the modern skill management tool designed by Flexso

The Competency Matrix is an interactive dashboard that helps (operations) managers keep track of people’s competencies and plan relevant development actions to build teams with complementary skills. A cloud solution built on SAP Cloud Platform, the Competency Matrix uses SAP SuccessFactors & LMS as data sources.

Discover the advantages

HR-Competency-matrix-App-HeaderThe Competency Matrix: the modern skill management tool designed by Flexso

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