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Human resources

HR teams are on a rollercoaster these days. From the automation of administrative tasks to the growing focus on talent, well-being, diversity and experience management: can you keep up?

Digitisation can help you to keep pace, or even stay ahead of them, while still putting your people first. How can you do that? We will be happy to help, as an end-to-end partner for your HR strategy.

HR transformation:
step by step towards a digital future

How can you get a head start on the developments in HR, to really make a difference? We will examine the possibilities with you and get your HR ready for the future. A new look at your HR strategy and processes? More insights into digital and analytics and ways to organise your work to make it even more efficient? More HR self-service to ensure committed, satisfied employees? Together, we will choose the building blocks, the approach and the pace.

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Hr transformation

HR innovation

Keep innovating in order to stand out

Leading the way in HR: that's what every HR team wants, right? You want to think along strategically with the business, put employees first, adopt a recruitment approach that sticks, and much more. A smart HR platform will not only help your team but your entire organisation to stand out. A digital workplace, chatbots, AI or machine learning? Innovative apps? We will help you to come up with innovations that really work for you.

Innovate your HR approach

SAP SuccessFactors

An innovative, reliable HXM platform in the cloud

A reliable, stable and innovative HXM solution? SAP SuccessFactors is one of the most widely used and leading digital HR solutions. From core HR and talent management to analytics and employee experience management: SAP SuccessFactors puts your employees first and supports you every step of the way. Ready for HR in the cloud? If so, we will guide you with advice, implementation and managed services – all at your own pace.

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Futureproof your SAP HCM suite

SAP HCM, SAP's hr suite, has been proving its added value as a solid platform for decades. Meanwhile, SAP HCM is evolving from an on-premise solution to the cloud. As an organisation, do you want to move your hr environment entirely to the cloud? Or do you prefer a hybrid solution where you still retain a piece of on-prem? It is all possible. Our experts help you with strategic advice, implementation and after-care.

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HR managed services

Total peace of mind, now and in the future

You want to continue to rely on your HR partner. For many years to come. That’s why our experts are always ready and willing to help: once your HR solutions are live, the service team will take over. A simple question, an issue or new functionality? Release Management or innovation? We’ve got you covered! With a single point of contact, regular service team, crystal-clear agreements and clear SLAs, we ensure total peace of mind – whether you have been a client for years or are simply looking for an experienced partner to manage your HR solutions.

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