SAP Success Factors release

SAP SuccessFactors: release highlights

Two times a year, SAP releases new features to improve your SuccessFactors environment and user experience. Want to keep up with the upcoming evolutions? Check out this release page, where our experts share the most exciting new elements.

The first SAP SuccessFactors release of 2023 is here!

Our Competence Lead Jolien has selected the most important new features and improvements of this release in a video to get you up to speed quickly.

Discover new elements in Platform, Learning and Goal Management. There's a new Horizon theme, customizable Quick Actions, a complete makeover for the Enhanced Course Home and useful features for your Goals!

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This was of course only a part of the release management. Do you have any questions or elements that you want to explore further?

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Jolien Driessens

Jolien Driessens