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SAP SuccessFactors: release highlights

Two times a year, SAP releases new features to improve your SuccessFactors environment and user experience. Want to keep up with the upcoming evolutions? Check out this release page, where our experts share the most exciting new elements.

Get ready for the first release of 2024, aka the 'spring' release for SAP SuccessFactors. Of course the release has a lot of updates, but for this video we will focus specifically on the AI updates across all Modules.

AI updates in the new release

Our expert Mélanie Henkens, dives into everything AI for this release video. Want to know if there are any cool AI features in your Modules?

Discover what's been added to Employee Central to help managers get an overview of compensation history but also spot possible discrepancies between employees. And what about improving employee experience with Joule to clock in, clock out, ask for your payslip or enter vacation days?

In Recruiting AI will help both candidates and recruiters to match the right person with the right job. Goals and Performance support generated texts to help you set Goals and improve communication.

Want to know more?

This was of course only a part of the release management. If you want a more elaborate view on what's new in your SuccessFactors environment, keep an eye out for our SFSF Release events.

In the meantime our experts are here to help with any question!

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