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How to manage your research project from pre-award to closing

As an academic, you want to focus on your research. Unfortunately, that’s often just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a job in academia. The administrative workload, complex financial flows and juggling of other data often go unseen. And yet, a lot – up to 40% – of a researcher’s time goes to approving requests, reporting, managing budgets and changing sponsor demands, and more. But what if you could have some help?

Enter Flexso Research Management Package: a suite of several BTP applications, that make academics’ lives easier. Just select the modules you need and build your research management platform from there.

From pre-award to closing

The apps in the Flexso Research Management Package are all cloud-based, which makes them easy to integrate with your existing infrastructure – both SAP and/or non-SAP. The result: a perfect foundation for building your own digital research process flow, from pre-award to closing.

Aligned according to the CERIF (Common European Research Information Format) standards the apps cover the four major phases in the lifecycle of a research project:

  • Pre-award: set up the application and deliver the research call (read more on how a strong pre-award process can make all the difference).
  • Award: allocate resources to the project and notify all stakeholders of the start of the project.
  • Post-award: follow up on the HR, financial and administrative flows of the project. Create flawless, personalized reports based on predefined templates (see our Research Milestone Tracker to keep track of project to-dos, for example).
  • Closing: finalize patenting and register research outcomes. Complete the financial, HR, and administrative cycle of the project.

Dive deeper into pre-award

Find out how you can make your pre-award process more efficient.

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Drill-down and bottom-up reporting for all stakeholders

What’s more, our Research Management Package comes with outstanding reporting tools, which are a must to run research projects efficiently in any organisation for project and business controlling. Each stakeholder has unique needs: a professor wants reports on his own staffing, while a central coordinator requires an overview on sourcing costs for raw materials. Sponsors, for their part, want to read a report that clearly shows all funding criteria are closely monitored.

The template-based, highly adjustable, and real-time reporting tools of the Flexso Research Management Package provide stakeholders with reliable information when and how they need it.

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Why choose Flexso for the digitalization of your research management projects?

Flexso has a deep knowledge of both SAP technology and research management processes. Our blended team of dedicated research project analysts and digital developers gives you a head start for getting results fast. We work fit to standard: this means all functionalities are already present from day one. From there, we finetune the solution to suit your needs.

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