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Manage your employees required training days with the Training Tracker

Starting 2024, Belgian organizations provide at least 5 days of training for each employee annually, with the legal requirement to record completed training sessions in the Federal Learning Account (FLA). Enter Flexso's Training Tracker—an SAP SuccessFactors extension designed to streamline the monitoring and tracking of your employees' learning days, seamlessly integrated into your SuccessFactors Learning environment!

What is the Training Tracker?

The Training Tracker is the latest addition to Flexso’s SAP SuccessFactors extensions, built by our HR Innovation experts. This extension to SAP SuccessFactors Learning ensures that your organization not only meets legal requirements, but also enhances the efficiency and peace of mind for both employees and administrators.

The Training Tracker guarantees accurate computation of entitled training days by leveraging real-time data from your core HR system. Additionally, employees see a comprehensive view of their training balance, encompassing both spent and entitled training.

Ultimately, based on the training data in your SAP SuccessFactors Learning, the Training Tracker synchronizes the correct information with the Federal Learning Account promptly, ensuring seamless compliance with legislative requirements.

Benefits and features of the Training Tracker

1. Seamless Integration with SAP SuccessFactors Learning, minimizing disruption to your existing systems and processes.

2. Intuitive Training Balance:

  • Get a graphical view of actual and planned training days.
  • Configure settings to tailor the display and integration for your organization.

3. Detailed Overview of Training Balance:

  • Dynamically calculate available training credit.
  • Clear overview of annual training spent and remaining entitlement

4. Automatic Integration with Belgian Federal Learning Account:

  • Automated update of all training records from your SAP SuccessFactors Learning

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Want to enjoy the benefits of integrating with the FLA directly from your SuccessFactors environment?

Watch the recording of our Training Tracking webinar

Earlier this year our experts gave a demo of the Training Tracker.

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