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Planning and Execution: shopfloor extensions for bespoke manufacturing in SAP

To do their jobs well, planners and operators need tools that tell them exactly what they need to know – nothing more and nothing less. But what does that mean? In smaller-scale manufacturing processes or production processes with a lot of manual labor, a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is often overkill, while standard, out-of-the-box applications may fall short in terms of user-friendliness. That’s where our Production Planning Board and Production Execution Cockpit shopfloor extensions for S/4HANA come in.

Driven by close collaboration with our customers, our digital manufacturing experts make it their mission to turn real lifelike business challenges into reliable SAP solutions. Sit back and discover how Flexso's S/4HANA Shopfloor extensions provide the proper supporting tools for your production staff.
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Production Planning Board: intuitive clarity

Production planners need to make sure the promised delivery dates are met. To do so, they need to know the status of the production process, and the availability of people with the right skills.

Shopfloor extensions production planningProduction Planning Board: intuitive clarity

SAP S/4HANA offers two production planning apps out of the box: Capacity Scheduling Table and Capacity Scheduling Board. Users who need more functionalities can opt for the Production Planning & Detailed Scheduling (PP/DS) module. For some production companies, these solutions are often too big and too detailed.

Enter Flexso’s Production Planning Board, a custom S/4HANA extension that enables planners to:

  • visualize the production schedules
  • create an overview of required skills
  • attribute skills to the right people and identify missing expertise
  • drag and drop tasks from one colleague to another

Production Execution Cockpit: ultimate usability

And what about operators, many of whom still do their jobs manually? SAP S/4HANA offers three standard apps for product execution (Monitor Production Orders, Manage Production Orders, and Confirm Production Order Operations). As these apps mainly focus on planning, they include a lot of details that operators don’t need.

Our Production Execution Cockpit provides nothing but essential insights and, if needed, work instructions. On their tablet, operators get a personalized overview of tasks with status and attachments. All it takes is a couple of clicks.

What’s at stake?

With the shopfloor extensions, planners and operators get instant access to the right insights. As a result, data quality increases, and all stakeholders get an accurate view of the production processes. Utterly user-friendly, the applications do what planners and operators need – not more, not less. For certain manufacturers, they could be the perfect solution for the planning and execution of their production processes.

Part of SAP Industry Cloud Solutions for Industrial Manufacturing

Our shopfloor extensions are part of SAP’s Industry Cloud Solutions for Industrial Manufacturing. These specialized, industry-focused solutions help customers optimize, extend, and transform core business processes and accelerate innovation.

SAP has recognized 2 of our solutions for industrial manufacturing as Industry Cloud:

How VIGO got a leg up on the competition

Orthopedic company VIGO used a standard MRP system that calculated the manufacturing start data backward from the required delivery date. However, this solution did not consider availabilities and capacity.

Our Production Planning Board now helps VIGO’s planners to efficiently confirm whether a delivery deadline can be met. It takes into account the required level of customization and offers an overview of the specific tasks (via standard routings in SAP), available personnel (via Work Centers), and skills (via custom objects in SAP).
Check out VIGO's manufacturing journey.

Vigo production planning

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