Managed services – Expertise and support with a quality label

The possibilities of your SAP applications seem unlimited. And your solutions are constantly evolving, just like your business. Do you have the skills and resources to optimally use and manage your many applications?

More than 120 customers rely on our managed services to resolve incidents, manage releases, initiate improvement processes and proactively monitor their applications. Just like them, create more room to innovate!

Your Partner of Excellence

Making the best possible use of your SAP solutions and environment and using it strategically requires a lot of expertise. Luckily, you’re in the right place! SAP has recognised us as a Partner Center of Expertise: a quality label that we are very proud of and that you reap the rewards from. From everyday help to strategic support (SAP roadmap, inspiration sessions, audits, etc.): you can always rely on our high-quality, smart approach.

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Managed services Flexso partner of excellence

Customised support

From diagnosing and resolving incidents to proactive checks and continuous monitoring, our specialised support engineers are there to keep your applications/solutions and system running and up to date, so that your business continuity is guaranteed.

Looking for temporary or long-term support? In your company, remotely or a combination of both? How we work together is entirely up to you!


SAP Managed Services: FAQ

SAP Managed Services: FAQ

Select the package that suits you best and enjoy a whole host of benefits: expertise, professionalism, flexibility, a complete network of consultants who strive for continuous improvement, and a support team close by, whose watchword is personal contact. In short, we take all your worries off your hands!

Continuous improvement and innovation

Managed services is so much more than just 'managing' your SAP applications and environment. In close collaboration with your internal team, we also look to the future and, where helpful, make full use of innovation:

  • Are there any impending changes in your organisation? Upcoming product updates? Need new management methods (ITIL)? We initiate innovations for your SAP environment and implement changes.
  • Is SAP announcing a new software release? As an SAP Partner of Excellence, we are informed well in advance. Which means that you are, too. Together, we discuss the added value of new releases for your organisation and apply them if they are going to prove useful. Innovation guaranteed.
  • And as far as your service model itself is concerned, being proactive and delivering continuous improvement (CSIP) are key here too. We constantly refine our service process and ensure your investment keeps delivering.

Stay tuned on the latest features with our dedicated release blogs.

Multidisciplinary team

Our team consists of more than 500 functional and technical SAP experts. They are ready to strengthen your internal business or IT teams. The benefits? Expertise and experience, of course. And this goes beyond Flexso: if you have specific questions or needs, we will knock on the door of our colleagues from the Cronos Group.

But that’s not all: we're excellent team players, too. We resolutely opt for a personal approach with one point of contact, who ensures that you get the right support. In addition, we always put together a team that closely matches the culture of your organisation. This makes our collaboration not only effective but also fun.

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