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How to improve your research management with the Research Milestone Tracker

Collaborating on a project should be fun and enriching. However, if there’s no clear structure or agreed approach to the project, it can be frustrating and time-consuming instead. Enter the Research Milestone Tracker: this helps you break tasks down and build a plan to stay on track. Here’s how to use it in managing your research projects from A to Z, and deliver each project on time.

Regular alignment and a transparent view on progress in your research projects help your team to set realistic expectations for themselves and co-workers, making it easier to achieve goals on time and within budget.

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Keep a clear overview

The Research Milestone Tracker makes it easy to follow up on your research projects. The milestones are displayed in a clear and comprehensible overview, detailing who’s responsible, the due date, next actions and so on. Never lose track again!

Push transparency and clear workflows

Create a logical order for completing different project tasks. The Research Milestone Tracker either automatically adds new milestones based on entered project data in SAP Project and Portfolio Management (SAP PPM) or lets the user add them manually.

Master data, such as a new project, milestone types and deadlines, can all be added or changed manually by the user. You can even add comments, facilitating easier collaboration. By assigning a responsible user and automatically sending them alerts, you make sure that all milestones are carried out right on time.

Your timekeeper for deadlines and funding

Once a milestone is completed, you can adjust the milestone status with one simple click. The action will automatically fill out the actual date and update the status. It even provides an overview of completed milestones or upcoming deadlines. Submission dates, project invoices, funding deadlines … the Research Milestone tracker is your timekeeper – and your budget manager. You’ll never lose track of funds and invoice deadlines again!

Simple and easy to use

The front end of the Research Milestone Tracker is simple and intuitive. Thanks to the advantages of SAP Fiori-based applications – responsiveness, use on any device and a modern UX – the user is shielded from the underlying complexity of the SAP gateway. No need to be an SAP expert! The Research Milestone Tracker is easily tailored to meet the specific requirements in your research project management.

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May the force of SAP be with you

Not only are there significant usability and productivity benefits for all research project stakeholders, our solution also offers key IT and business benefits, including:

  • it is module agnostic, meaning it can work with SAP PPM, PS, GM, FM, FI, CO
  • being a web application, it can be run on almost any device;
  • it is back-end compatible with ECC and SAP S/4HANA on-premise or in the cloud;
  • SAP Fiori is a proven technology, built on SAP best practices and industry-leading design principles.
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Flexso has you covered

The Research Milestone Tracker app is one of the multiple intelligent extensions that Flexso developed especially for research project management. Our collection of apps, like the research budget app, justification app, or our Tinder for Research app offers you an end-to-end solution for managing your research projects within your university or research organisation.

The Research Milestone Tracker works on SAP PPM and can retrieve data from both SAP S/4HANA or ECC. You do not need an SAP foundation, as we have the SAP business technology platform and enhancement points available to make the connection between your data from a non-SAP application and our solution.

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