what's new in sap build

An overview of the latest features in SAP Build

SAP regularly releases new features within Build, their low code/no code suite on the SAP Business Technology Platform. Stay up to date with the most relevant and interesting new functions in SAP Build on this release page.

Create enterprise apps, automate processes, and design business sites without writing any code. This is the core premise of SAP Build, the low code/no code suite from SAP. It is a comprehensive solution that helps accelerate development and automation with drag-and-drop simplicity.

Every quarter, our experts take the time go through the latest updates and select the most relevant and useful features for your business practice.

What's new in SAP Build? '2023 Q4'-edition

Our wrap-up of the newest features in SAP Build for Q4 2023 is now live! Our SAP Build specialists assembled the most interesting and relevant new features:

  • Android builds
  • Test data
  • SAP UI form
  • And much more...

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