Research Management

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Researchers and university departments are often involved in numerous research projects. As an institution of higher education and research, you deal with large volumes of administrative documentation, handle complicated financial information and manage many other kinds of data related to educational and research projects. Keeping up can be challenging: it involves approval requests, reporting tasks, budgetary changes, changing sponsor demands, employee expectations and more.

Through intelligent technologies, universities and research institutes can optimize their research management processes. As a result, academics can once again focus on their core activities: conducting research. Flexso has the expertise to streamline your people, assets and financial processes in one comprehensive solution.

A clear-for-all-view on research budgeting essentials

Not curiosity, but complexity kills the cat when it comes to financially managing research projects. Every stage of scientific research has its own set of opportunities, finance challenges and stakeholders. Flexso successfully introduced a budget app that runs on SAP’s Portfolio and Project Management (PPM).

Get a clear-for-all-view on the essentials of research budgeting

How machine learning helps optimize the grant application process

More and more companies are embracing next-generation artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to automate repetitive tasks and, as such, improve productivity and effectiveness. One example of a such a task is the matching processes. By automatically and intelligently matching incoming payments with outstanding invoices or transactions on bank statements to those in the general ledger, for example, finance teams raise their efficiency

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