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What’s new in SAP CX: An overview of the latest features

Each quarter, SAP releases new features for SAP Marketing Cloud and Sales and Service Core (aka ‘C4C’). Discover the highlights of the most important new functionalities on this release page!

SAP releases quarterly upgrades and new features for their customer experience solutions. Eager to find out what’s coming up for your Sales, Service and Marketing solutions?

For each new release, our experts go through the latest updates and make a selection of the most relevant new features.

Find out which highlights are in the new release for SAP Sales &Service Cloud and Emarsys in the video below!

SAP Customer Experience Release 2402

A new SAP Customer Experience is here, the first one of this year!. Tin Paukovic and Jef Op de Beeck have once again selected the most important new features for your Marketing Cloud and Sales and Service Cloud.

Jef showcases how marketeers can improve the impact of their campaigns by adding forms on their landing pages and UTM parameters to give more valuable insights in your customers and prospects's preferences!

For Admins there have been some changes to Marketing Cloud as well, don't forget to switch from Groups to Spaces and Pages!

Tin has some news about Sales and Service Cloud. SAP altered some functionalities to get you to the info you need much faster. Discover how the Intelligent Sales Execution gives you a more accurate view of your Pipeline and Forecast!

No Emarsys update in this one, but we have high expectations for the spring release, so stay tuned for more news!

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