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Get the most out of your SAP Cloud CRM

You trust in an SAP customer relationship management (CRM) solution to deliver great customer experiences. To continuously benefit from its power, it’s key to ensure that your CRM solution grows with your organisation. How do you keep track of new developments on the horizon and the potential benefits they offer? Is there a way to do even more with this solution? Let our CX experts find out!

SAP Cloud CRM, built to grow and develop

An SAP CRM solution is a powerful tool to drive high customer satisfaction and clinch your organisation’s market or industry eminence. Still, just like your organisation, a CRM solution isn’t static. It’s like a living organism that evolves with the changing needs and dynamics you’re facing.

A few examples? In the course of the years, the focus of your sales strategy will shift: you want to speed up business with existing customers or target more customers and markets or launch new products. On top of that, new users may come on board, new markets may open up, your portfolio may expand or your business may boom.

In every scenario, you want to make the most of your CRM. The good news: your SAP CRM is designed to grow alongside you. This means you can integrate new evolutions and optimisations that are available in the SAP customer experience (CX) landscape to keep your CRM in shape.

Top 7 reasons: are you ready for the next level?

  1. get as much quality insights as possible out of campaigns and new product launches or lead generation;
  2. increase user adoption;
  3. introduce new KPIs and functionalities to gain more insights;
  4. make data entry easier and/or improve the user experience;
  5. enhance integration;
  6. shorten response times;
  7. build new features to meet company-specific needs.

Guiding you in 3 weeks through the maze of possibilities

Could do with some support? Experienced guidance is a few clicks away: the Flexso CRM assessment!

How it works? In just 3 weeks, we provide a clear overview of how your current SAP CX solution (Sales Cloud or another SAP CRM tool) can be optimised or upgraded

  • Step 1: based on a series of of C-level interviews, we align on your organisation’s short-, mid- and long-term sales goals. Whether it is lead generation at new or existing customers, shortening sales cycles or improving visit (planning/execution) efficiency: we always focus on company-specific improvements.
  • Step 2: we perform a thorough analysis of the ‘as-is’ situation of your CX platform, including usage, customisations and developments
  • Step 3: we hold functional and technical workshops with key users and stakeholders to identify pain points and high-value improvements
  • Step 4: we present quick wins tailored to your needs, as well as expert recommendations and suggestions for medium and long-term improvements
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Roadmap to improvement: quick wins and mid-/long-term improvements

After the assessment, you’ll understand the gaps between your organisation’s needs and what your CRM with its current configuration and usage patterns offers. Thanks to clear and actionable insights, including a list of optimisations and steps most likely to add value – along with estimations of their workloads, you can kick off your improvement journey.

In short: count on a bespoke roadmap not only with low-hanging fruits that you can benefit from immediately, but also a path to navigate the future and ensure that your organisation continues to reap the rewards of an evolutionary SAP CRM for years to come.

The case of Tessenderlo Group

Discover how Tessenderlo Group migrated to the SAP Sales Cloud and unified the datasets of 3 distinct business units. The result? A user-friendly CRM system with a single source of truth.

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