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The need for speed with e-commerce

Did you know that, during the first planetary lockdown of the 21st century, e-commerce companies saw up to 300% increases in orders online? The rise of commerce is more than just a quick response to this pandemic. It’s a channel that companies can no longer ignore, whether you are in B2C or B2B.

Imagine you are Karel, the new e-commerce manager of a mid-sized company. What are your main challenges today? And how can SAP Customer Experience help you out?

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Your customers have high expectations

The National Retail Federation’s latest research in the US stated that 97% of shopping cart abandon is caused by lack of convenience. Customers expect easy ordering, easy payment, easy delivering at the time and place of their choice… If Karel fails to deliver on convenience, he loses the sale transaction to a competitor. It has never been easier for customers to surf to another web shop and buy with a few clicks the same product you are offering on your website.

The need for speed

Convenience is also about speed and just in time delivery. Same day delivery is quickly becoming the standard. Karel must make sure that his user experience is top notch and that his data and processes are deeply integrated with the business systems of his supply ecosystem, warehouse, marketing, sales, after sales and finance. SAP Customer Experience integrates all these departments and links natively to the S/4HANA ERP platform.

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What should be personalized in e-commerce?

Another “new normal” in e-commerce is a high degree of personalisation, even for B2B webshops. Think of product recommendations, dynamic pricing and personalized offers and rewards. This is extra challenging for B2B companies. B2B sales face longer sales cycles and buying decisions are made by several people within the customer. Careful targeting, attractive content and product info and sophisticated lead generation campaigns are needed over a long period of time. In SAP Customer Experience, the marketing and e-commerce modules work natively together on the same set of data, enabling you to personalize each customer profile.

The four personalities of customer centricity

This blog is dedicated to e-commerce service. and is part of a sequel about the SAP Customer Experience Portfolio, looking at the solution from the perspective of four stakeholders.
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