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Digital Voices: the 1 second customer

Online you can become a customer in one second, but you can just as easily click through to a competitor. Providing the best customer experience (CX) is a priority for companies in convincing customers to choose for their brand. Newspapers De Tijd and L’Echo gathered industry specialists to talk about the 1 second customer, including some of Flexso’s own experts. These are the insights from the conversation.

The Biobest case: combining operational excellence and customer intimacy

Biobest is a multinational selling insects and pollinators. The recent years marked a shift from selling through distributors to direct selling via an online platform. And this transition sparked reflection on how to create the best customer experience. Flexso helped Biobest connect their CRM, ERP and Marketing tools with the e-commerce platform to combine both operational excellence and customer intimacy.

Read the full case in De Tijd [Dutch].

Bart Sosef

Digitizing allowed us to approach customers based on their purchase behaviour.

Bart Sosef - Sales Manager Biobest Group

It’s only a happy ending if you get the whole organization on board

If you want to scale as a company, you have to align certain processes. Nobody is surprised when financial processes or technological choices are defined in a common framework so that the entire company is aligned. But when it comes to customer experience, these processes are all too often vaguely or shoddily defined.

De Tijd and L’Echo asked our expert Marjolein Callant how to leverage technology to improve customer experience.
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Ask the industry experts

What does customer experience mean in the e-commerce era? What digital strategies and tools can you use to set your company apart from the competition? De Tijd and L’Echo organized a round table discussion with industry experts from Soudal, SAP,, Biobest (Dutch) and Anais Digital, AMP and VOO (French).

Watch the livestream of the round table:

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