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Why SAP Intelligent Service Cloud is the key to stellar customer services

The best quality, the sharpest prices, top-speed delivery and instant, spot-on replies: customer expectations are sky-high these days. So, how can you help your customer-facing team deliver quick, consistent services with a smile instead of a loud sigh? Support and empower them, by optimizing their workflows – with SAP Intelligent Service Cloud.

Customer-facing employees are bombarded with questions, complaints and other service requests via a multitude of channels: phone, email, chat, Facebook, live meetings,… And while you realize the need to stand out by delivering exceptional-quality customer experiences, the mounting pressures lead to a decline in services and utter frustration among your employees. This is the time to take action.

A holistic customer view and intelligent tools

Your starting point to stellar customer services is to unburden your service team. Provide them with tools that solve concerns like these:

SAP has just the platform to do that: SAP Intelligent Service Cloud, which is part of the larger SAP Customer Experience (CX) portfolio. It is fully integrated into your SAP S/4HANA system and can be linked with other platforms like SAP Intelligent Sales cloud, Emarsys or SAP Commerce Cloud. As a solution it collects all the customer-related data available in your organization in real time to help service agents react quicker, smarter and more accurately.

Trust SAP Intelligent Service Cloud to:

  • Put your service agents in control, by providing them with a real-time overview of all customer interactions, via every service channel. That is especially useful for B2B services, as several people from the same company may file complaints about the same problem.
  • Help your agents resolve issues faster and better, thanks to a centralized 360° overview of all customer data (from complaint and payment history to loyalty and turnover), as well as all details of the relevant product, job done or service delivered.
  • Drive accuracy, accountability and speed through automation and intelligent features like case management workflows that ensure the request is passed on to the right experts, and tools for ticket categorization, solution recommendations or sentiment analysis.

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