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How to give your sales more time to sell – and help them sell better

Most sales people spend a staggering 2/3 of their time doing administrative tasks, handling complaints and back orders, or collecting unpaid invoices. While there is only one thing they really love – that job you hired them for: visiting prospects and customers, talking to them and closing deals. Enable your sales reps to deliver outstanding sales experiences and sell more, with SAP Intelligent Sales Cloud.

Probably you already have some tools in place to manage the efficiency of your sales team. Spreadsheets, shared documents or maybe even a CRM system? Whatever the solution, chances are high that it doesn't fulfil your every need. After all, sales reps don’t like being tied to a desk, doing more administrative tasks like filling out forms or spreadsheets. Not only does it reduce their motivation, the time-consuming administration also hampers productivity and, in the end, your sales results.

Mobile, intuitive and open to collaboration

Moreover, today’s business models are changing, as are the ways your prospects and customers expect sales teams to interact with them. So, what you really need is an intuitive, flexible solution that supports your sales reps to the max. A tool that solves familiar concerns like these:

SAP Intelligent Sales Cloud: successful selling, putting customers first

SAP Intelligent Sales Cloud, also known as "SAP Sales Cloud V2" provides solutions to the above concerns – and much more.

Built around the sales reps’ user experience, the solution packs a host of powerful features:

  • 360° view of the customer and key contacts: sales get a comprehensive view of the customers and the sales opportunities (engagement history, services history, transaction history, …), thanks to seamless integration between the platform, S/4HANA and other solutions in the CX portfolio like Service Management.
  • Clear overview of all interactions and to do’s: the work area provides a clear centralized overview of all the tasks, opportunities, KPIs, pipeline health and forecasts, so that reps can take smart sales decisions, and fast.
  • Mobile app supports working on the go, even offline: sales can check order history, turnover and any other customer details, even just a few seconds before their live customer meeting. Moreover, the app makes it easy to register or even record results or insights right after meetings.
  • Intelligent recommendations and automation: unlike traditional CRM systems, the tool comes with AI-driven real-time lead scoring and centralized account and opportunity management. Scenarios that suggest the optimal course of action further help to complete sales cycles successfully.

SAP Sales Cloud in action

Manufacturing company DYKA is active in over 70 locations in Europe. To eliminate blind spots, improve customer interactions and streamline their sales process they decided to implement SAP Sales Cloud.

Discover their story in this video

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