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Streamline the onboarding of your external workers

"First impressions count". That's how it's been told so why not make the best out of it? Make your first impression count as well and give your external workers the professional onboarding experience they deserve. With the Contingent Workforce Registration by Flexso, you can now extend your SAP SuccessFactors to do exactly that. Here’s how it works.

What is the Contingent Workforce Registration?

The Contingent Workforce Registration is a SuccessFactors extension built by Flexso. It allows you to easily manage your external hires while providing them an excellent onboarding experience. Because making a first impression always counts. You want to give your external workforce the feeling they will be working for a professional company. Onboard them by reaching out to them and get the information you need in SuccessFactors directly from them.

Onboarding external talent: your benefits

By extending your SuccessFactors suite with the Contingent Workforce Registration, your organisation may benefit from:

  • Tracking your total workforce in Employee Central and set up an onboarding process that matches the needs for contingent workers;
  • Guiding the stakeholders in your organization by using forms and workflows to support their request and the registration of a contingent worker in SuccessFactors;
  • Avoiding mistakes by reaching out to the contingent worker directly through an intuitive form to capture missing information, and automatically register the user in Employee Central;
  • Enjoy the high configurability of the CWR solution to map the process, workflows and forms to the needs of your organization.

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What to expect?

The Contingent Workforce Registration offers some valuable features to uplift your onboarding procedure:

  • Map your existing contingent worker data model
    Capture information from the request and the personal information provided by the contingent worker, and automatically create a complete record in Employee Central.
    By configuring a set of forms you can catch the required and optional fields from the different EC portlets.
  • Use a set of configurable email notifications
    Send out a professional looking email to the contingent worker requesting them to complete their personal information. You can engage internal stakeholders (Manager, IT, HR, etc.) by informing them of through emails based on the steps in the process.
  • Apply workflows to verify data from requests and registrations
    Inform internal stakeholders using workflow notifications to alert them of a pending action.
    Before proceeding to the next step, it's possible to apply workflow confirmations to verify and update data and/or attachments.

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