3 solutions for no- or low-code app development – and why AppGyver has become a strong contender

Want to empower business by bringing your own app ideas to life? Need a tool to help you create new applications faster, so you can improve your bottom line? Great news: SAP has several easy to use no- or low-code solutions that can help you achieve enterprise-ready applications fast. A new favourite: SAP AppGyver. Let’s take a quick tour around SAP’s low-code options to see what sets SAP AppGyver apart.

SAP is embracing no/low code development, empowering a larger base of experts to develop applications. These are the three key tools you should consider using:

SAP Business Application Studio

This is SAP’s next-generation IDE. It enables developers to create multi-target business applications in the quickest and easiest way possible. A backend service can, for example, be generated with the Cloud Application Programming model, while the frontend can be assembled using Fiori Elements. As a developer, however, you are not limited to the low-code options. You can easily switch to full-on coding, potentially increasing efficiency or adding functionality for which a no-code alternative is not an option.

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SAP AppGyver

SAP AppGyver is the visual programming environment that focuses completely on no-code development. SAP AppGyver allows you to craft whole front-end applications from components through a drag-and-drop interface.

App Gyver screen

SAP Process Automation

Contrary to the previous two options, this is a no-code process modeller, rather than a solution for application development. It is a cloud workflow engine that uses iRPA, for example, to create automations.

What low-code solution should you choose?

What you should choose depends on the type of developer you are. If you are a citizen or business developer, you might have less actual coding skills but more functional knowledge about the business domains at hand. In that case, tools such as SAP AppGyver and SAP Process Automation are ideal. However, if you are a seasoned frontend-, backend- and full-stack developer, SAP Business Application Studio is your best bet to speed up development.

SAP AppGyver on the rise

Focused on application development? SAP AppGyver is the solution that requires the least amount of coding and coding skills. Its drag-and-drop user interface allows you to design entire front-end applications from scratch. Just select and customize predesigned components, and bring them to life by using visual logic. With formulas, you can further add automated data transformations. In addition, AppGyver has REST and OData support so integrating with external APIs is not a problem.

Good to know: soon, you will be able to build not just front-end interfaces, but also back-end data models and services. This update will make SAP AppGyver a fully enterprise-ready application development tool.

Want to see SAP AppGyver in action?

Learn more more about it in our Dev2Dev webinar on AppGyver.

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Low-code development: here to stay

No-/low-code development is on the rise and here to stay. With SAP AppGyver, SAP is fully embracing that evolution. Technologies such as SAP AppGyver are on the fast track to becoming enterprise-ready, making them real options to replace a ‘classically’ coded application. Depending on which type of developer you are, you can now also use SAP AppGyver as a tool to translate your business logic and expertise into powerful applications.

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