The Training Request Manager, your tracking buddy

Steer human capital to new heights: provide your people with a smart learning coach to stimulate adequate development. To help organisations get a clear overview of all training requests, Flexso created the SAP SuccessFactors extension: Training Request Manager. Here’s how it works.

What is the Training Request Manager?

The Training Request Manager is a SuccessFactors extension built by Flexso. It allows you to have a full view on the external training request processes and reporting in SAP SuccessFactors. The integration with the Learning module provides a seamless experience to the learners and manager in the training flow, ensuring a perfect alignment with your approval guidelines and best practices.

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The advantages of the Training Request Manager

Flexso's Training Request Manager offers major benefits across the board:

  • Track all training initiatives in your SuccessFactors Learning Module, also the ones that your employees attend externally.
  • Monitor performances according to preferences. Have your workers complete the request and decide if you need to approve them, and capture the training as learning records when they’ve attended the training
  • Make the form and the process fit your requirements! The default form comes already packed with functionalities, but you can customize the form, labels, workflows, e-mails, and business logic to fit your needs.
  • The Training Request Manager is a subscription-based SaaS solution. Enjoy the peace of mind and get free enhancements, support, and guidance to setup and use the solution

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A well-stocked toolbox

The Training Request manager comes with great functionalities and the right the business logic to fit your needs:

  • Fully configurable forms and processes
    The intuitive extension comes with configurable request fields (text, number, picklist, date) as well as custom sections to group the fields per topic. If desirable, the different fields can be set as mandatory where administrators are allowed to provide additional input.
  • Complete process flow with email notifications
    Both the workflows as email templates are fully configurable. To meet international standards, emails can be localized, depending on the preferred language of the user. Providing sufficient information and support to the user and manager, attachments can be added in the request as well as approval workflow reminders and an overview on the workflow status.
  • End-to-end solution, including LMS integration
    The TRM extension is capable of capturing out-of-catalog training requests, and track learning history in the Learning management system (LMS). As an administrator, you get a clear overview screen to list incoming and processed requests and limit the scope of incoming requests based on authorizations. Want generate valuable insights? Leverage People Analytics capabilities to report on the data stored in the TRM extension.

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