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Which hosting model suits your SAP cloud landscape?

Many businesses want to make their SAP landscape future-proof and are opting for a full or partial move to the cloud. But finding the right cloud strategy for your SAP solutions and mapping out the right way to get there differs for every business. What should your roadmap look like? Which hosting option best fits the unique requirements of your business? Making the right call for your SAP infrastructure starts with immersing yourself in your options.

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Today’s business challenges are driving the acceleration of cloud migration. But every organization has its own strategy and roadmap to the cloud which may require a different hyperscaling solution (SAP RISE, SAP on Azure, AWS,...) to meet their particular needs.

In our e-book we discuss the different hosting options, the benefits as well as the particularities of each model. In the second part, we guide you towards a concrete roadmap to move your SAP landscape to the cloud. Discover your plan of action in the e-book.

In this e-book you will learn more on:

  • The reasons for moving your SAP landscape to the cloud
  • The hosting possibilities
  • The different hyperscale providers
  • The 4 steps for a successful migration to the cloud
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Mark Goovaerts

Mark Goovaerts

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Gert Van de Slijke