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SAP IBP: An overview of the latest releases

Each quarter, SAP releases its new features within your preferred SAP Integrated business planning solution for supply chain. Stay up to speed with the latest functionalities in SAP IBP on this release page.

SAP technology and its cloud solutions are evolving at high a pace. Curious what’s new in your SAP IBP environment? From S&OP, forecasting and demand to replenishment and inventory planning, take full advantage from your cloud-based solution for digital supply chain planning.

Each new release, our experts take the time go through the latest updates and select the most relevant and useful features for your business practice.

SAP IBP Release 2405

The IBP release of May is live! Robin and his new counterpart, Thomas, selected four new enhancements:

  • Automated Outlier Cleaning
  • Contextual Navigation in Planner Workspaces
  • Live connection between IBP and SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Pre-configured Analytics for IBP Inventory

SAP IBP Release 2402

The new February release of SAP IBP is here! In this video, Robin & Sander guide you through the features of:

  • Redesigned Mater Data Workbooks
  • Lead Time Prediction for Inventory Optimization
  • Automated Rule-Based Master Data
  • Integration with S/4HANA Public Cloud

SAP IBP Release 2311

Sander and Robin have gone through the newest features within the new november SAP IBP release and carefully selected some new functionalities which could revolutionize your planning workload:

  • Master Data Health checks
  • Curve-based forecasting
  • Real-time Forecast consumption
  • Miscellaneous updates

SAP IBP Release 2308

The IBP summer release of August is live! Sander and Robin picked out their favourite new features:

  • Resetting changes in Planning Views
  • Range forecasting for Automated Exponential Smoothing
  • Support Tactical Decisions with Cost and Carbon Rollup
  • Numerical Outliers in Master Data

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Written by

Robin van acker

Robin Van Acker

Sander Anthierens

Sander Anthierens