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An overview of the latest SAP Analytics Cloud releases

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February, May, August and November - each quarter, SAP releases its new features within your preferred SAC planning solution. Stay up to date with the most relevant and interesting new functions in SAP Analytics Cloud on this release page for 2023.

Quickly address unique business requirements by building trusted insights and integrated planning processes enterprise-wide with SAP analytics cloud. With the trusted Business technology platform (BTP) solution for analytics, SAP is innovating at a fast pace within the field of reporting, planning and data analysis.

Each new release, our experts take the time go through the latest updates and select the most relevant and useful features for your business practice.

SAC Release 2308

The August release of SAP Analytics Cloud is now live! Our SAC specialists assembled the most interesting and relevant new features of this summer:

  • Optimized Story Design
  • Data Modeling
  • Enterprise Planning
  • Microsoft Office Integration
  • And much more...

SAC Release 2305

The May release of SAP Analytics Cloud is live!
Our SAC specialists assembled the most interesting and relevant new things within your cloud planning solution.

  • Unified Story
  • Planning functionalities
  • Administration & Security

SAC Release 2302

SAP brought a whole new look and feel to your planning solution. Discover the new possibilities in:

  • Optimized story experiences;
  • the data analyzer;
  • additional export options for data integration;
  • an advanced tracing capability in enterprise planning;
  • and a new calendar administrator role.

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