Innovate your HR processes with SAP HCM

SAP HCM has been proving its value for decades. And rightly so, since it's a solid platform that you can rely on for years to come. It’s also effortless to keep the suite up to date, so your HR approach will stay futureproof.
Innovation with SAP HCM? SAP HCM in the cloud? It’s all possible. Our experts will help you with strategic advice, implementation and aftercare.

Innovations within your trusted SAP HCM suite

We no longer need to highlight the benefits of SAP HCM. After all, your HR team experience them every day. What you might not know, however, is that you can easily expand your SAP HCM platform to include new technologies and solutions, allowing you to keep leading the way.

The SAP HCM suite and wider SAP range offer numerous opportunities for innovation, from add-ons to stand-alone packages that you can effortlessly integrate into your SAP HCM core. A few examples?

  • SAP Fiori allows you to upgrade your user interface and embrace self-services and mobile apps in order to fully engage your employees in your processes. From a user-friendly cafeteria plan to a check-in form to simplify onboarding processes: everything is possible.
  • Improve the efficiency and accuracy of your payroll processes with the Payroll Control Center add-on.
  • Put your employees centre stage with the Qualtrics solutions.
  • Save time by managing all your expenses more efficiently with SAP Concur.

If you have a very specific requirement, we will develop a custom solution that ties in seamlessly with your existing platform.

On-premise or in the cloud? You decide!

SAP HCM was initially an on-premise solution. Today, you can keep your trusted SAP HR suite and still move it to the cloud. This will reduce your hardware and infrastructure costs and give you a more flexible, scalable system. Or you can opt for a hybrid solution: maintain crucial processes such as payroll on-premises, linking them with innovative cloud solutions in areas such as talent management, employee experience or analytics.

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