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Smart mobility in HR: why consider a mobility app?

The fuel-based company car is no longer king. More and more, people are choosing alternatives, such as electric or hybrid cars, (e-)bikes or public transport. And so, companies that want to stand out in the war for talent, are looking into flexible mobility options. Find out how you can do this with a smart mobility app!

Why would you consider a smart mobility solution?

Not everyone’s commute looks the same, so the mobility needs within your organization undoubtedly vary as well. Where one person might use public transportation to commute, another prefers to use the (e-)bike, and another values an electric or hybrid car. With a flexible mobility plan that is truly employee-centric, your employees spend their mobilitybudget to fit their personal lives and needs. Another step towards enabling your people to create a better work-life balance.

And a smart mobility solution is not only beneficial to your employees. Apart from being a valuable asset in your organization's sustainability strategy, a flexible solution results in an engaged workforce. That goes for future employees too, because a tailored mobility package will give you a strong advantage in the war for talent.

A one-stop-shop mobility application

Mobility is part of your company-specific compensation package. Therefore, if you choose to implement a smart mobility solution, it should be integrated with the rest of your HR tools without putting an extra workload on your people.

If you want to give your employees the possibility to select their own mobility choices, make it very user-friendly. You can do this with a one-stop-shop mobility application. There, employees can see an overview of their mobility budget and can choose from a set of transportation options.

Smart mobility flexible solutions

How can Flexso help you with a smart mobility app?

Our experts can help you set up an application by adding an extension to your SuccessFactors environment.

The app offers your employees:

  • Overview of all mobility options and personal mobility budget
  • Possibility to combine multiple transportation options
  • Simulation option: test out different combinations before choosing
  • User-friendly: done in a few clicks

And because it's directly linked to your HR environment, your HR employees can:

  • Assign transport budgets to your employees
  • View mobility choices and budgets for each employee in real-time
  • Track new requests

Thinking about a smart mobility solution?

We are happy to help you out! Check out our apps and extensions.

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