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What's new in the SFSF H2 2021 update?

It’s that time of the year again: a new update on SAP SuccessFactors. Eager to find out what’s new? We’ll guide you through the main updates of this second half release. From an enhanced homepage experience to brand new integrations with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams: discover what this release has in store.

Reimagined Homepage, ready for launch!

Let’s start off with the homepage makeover. SAP has postponed the universal push to H1 2022, to meet their customers’ wishlist of more standard cards. They lived up to their promise, as more to-do tasks have been added to the homepage, both in the Approval section and the For You Today section.

The Learning Assignment Tasks and Learning Approvals cards can be added to display the relevant to do’s at first glance. Also, recruiters can review and approve pending job offers straight from the homepage. The Complete Interview Assessment card prompts interviewers to provide their feedback on pending assessments. Finally, Talent Pool owners with proper permissions can now see the to-do task ‘Talent Pool Nominee’ on the latest home page. This feature has been enabled to notify Talent pool owners to approve nominees in time.

Release Success Factors h2 2021

New Quick Actions have been added, and up to 16 actions can be shown at once on the homepage. The following new quick actions might come in handy:

  • Managers can view their direct report’s information and act accordingly via My Team .
  • Clock in and out even faster using the Clock Time .
  • Using the Delegate Workflows , you can assign delegates for a certain time period.
  • The Org Chart will take you to the organigram.

We would advise you to already start testing and designing the new homepage. In the next release, all customers will switch automatically, so preparation is key!

Quick actions Success Factors release h2 2021

Continuous Performance Management

Another interesting new feature is the feedback integration with Microsoft Outlook, which enables your users to give continuous feedback even more fluently.

New Learning integration possibilities

The virtual learning sessions can now be scheduled with Microsoft Teams as a virtual meeting room vendor. A standard integration many of us have been waiting for!

Early Adopters can enable the possibility to launch the SAP SuccessFactors Learning content player from their own business portals, which runs outside of SuccessFactors. Any online content interaction via the portals will be tracked in the Learning module.

Prepare new hires for their onboarding in the organization

Another great update if you use Onboarding is the possibility to integrate this module with the Learning module. This allows onboardees to follow relevant preparation courses from the moment they sign their contract with the company. Future managers can already provide documentation to or plan meetings with a new employee, prior to their start date.

Sharing and combining data with People Analytics

The Learning data in People Analytics is now fully available. And even better: the number of columns that can be selected in a query has quadrupled to 120! This allows you to combine significantly more data within a report.

The possibility to create a direct link for your story reports allows you to share your URL throughout the company. This saves a few clicks, and possible confusion when a user needs to look for the right report in the extensive list of existing reports.

Additional tools to simplify job posting

The accessibility of your job profiles and job postings can be optimized, by adding subheading levels to each section of a job description template. Screen readers will be able to identify the subheadings in job descriptions and reuse your sections accordingly.

To save time in the job posting procedure, fields can be prefilled in additional languages. This automatic completion can be done with default values or with rules based on job requisitions. All posted jobs can now be viewed directly from the Job Posting Table, whether you’re associated with the posting profile or not.

With the “Job Posting Visibility” option, the only posted jobs that you can view are the ones associated with you Posting Profile by default. This option can be disabled to ensure that all users have permission to view the posted jobs.

Your custom information packet

You can count on plenty of additional updates and features in the next release. Want more details about SAP SuccessFactors features that are especially value adding for your business?
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Capture more details and support a time efficient Compensation and Variable Pay process

For Compensation and Variable Pay, there are few new features.

Publishing back to Employee Central is expanded with a control report and additional filter possibilities. You can now to add up to 5 custom fields with multiple values as criteria when you Publish Selected Employees.

And that’s not all. It is now possible to publish values from the Compensation Worksheet to comInfo fields. And the possibility of extending Compensation Plan publishing to MDF Objects offers many advantages as it gives you the opportunity to leave additional and manual work in the past.

Employee Central improvements

The mass data management tool now supports mass changes to matrix relationships. This allows users to efficiently update the matrix relationships of multiple positions at once. Additionally, users now have the flexibility to keep position matrix relationship in sync with employee job relationships after transfers.

A new feature is provided for managing conditional groups and defaults. Users can automatically populate employee data and positions fields based on complex organizational grouping criteria without the need for business rules.

Thanks to improved currency handling in the “salary vs team” widget, the system will always show salary information in the logged-in user’s currency.

Want to know what new features were released in May 2022? Have a look at our summary of the SFSF release H1 2022!

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