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What do Vanessa Carlos from the Philippines and Marcus Scauri from Brazil have in common? They’re both part of our growing Flexso International team: a buzzing global community of talented SAP professionals. They also share the same mission: helping us guide our customers around the world towards successful digital transformations. Because when our customers push their boundaries, so do we.

The demand for our services has increased spectacularly. More than that, our customers love to take us with them, wherever they’re doing business. Launching Flexso International was a logical step, says Merijn Blommaert, Head of Flexso International: “Our customers are active around the world, so we want to be there too. But there’s more. Given the extremely fast pace of the technological evolution, there’s an urgent need for talent and local customer support. Flexso International enables us to find talented people all around the globe and connect them with our customers.”

Merijn Blommaert

Flexso International enables us to find talented people all around the globe and connect them with our customers.

Merijn Blommaert - Head of Flexso International

The world as a playground

The world is literally our playground. Next to the offices in Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria and the Netherlands, the Flexso International community is spreading across the world. Together, over 500 Flexso consultants serve 200+ organizations in over 50 countries. By combining the knowhow, drive and availability of all these experts, we can take customer services to the next level, providing expertise and managed services 24/7, wherever our customers are active.

Pushing boundaries with the Flexso method

Flexso has been a strategic, end-to-end SAP service provider since 2004. SAP has recognised us as an SAP Gold Partner and a leading player in not only S/4 migration and implementation, but also in digital supply chain, finance, customer experience, and HR solutions.

Our recipe for success? Our tried-and-true Flexso method, which is founded on four solid pillars:

  1. Knowledge and expertise: we’re experts – your reliable knowledge partner in today’s rapidly evolving market.
  2. Investment in innovation: as an early adopter, we are always in the front row to explore and implement new SAP solutions and we proactively explore opportunities for innovation.
  3. Open and transparent: clear communication forms the basis for a rewarding and successful collaboration with our customers.
  4. A long-term partner: thanks to the close collaboration with our dedicated consultants, most customers have remained loyal for years.

How does Flexso International align with that approach? “We want both our customers and our people to shine,” says Raf Alexander, our Managing Director. “Flexso International enables talent from around the world to work on challenging fun projects and to share knowledge – pushing boundaries in every sense of the word.”

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