Delivering high-impact data-centred SAP services with EPI-USE Labs

Our highest priority? Unburdening our customers to enable them to focus on what they do best: business. On this note, we not-so-recently teamed up with EPI-USE Labs with a shared goal in mind: to offer a wide range of data-focused solutions that can make your SAP environment more effective, cost-efficient and secure.

As far as our partnership with EPI-USE Labs goes, we’re far from newbies. Rather, the last 7 years have seen us work in tandem to expand our mutual service offering through complementary expertise.

About EPI-USE Labs

EPI USE Labs is a global provider of software solutions and managed services to create more powerful and secure SAP Systems. For over 35 years, they simplify and speed up landscape and test data management, enable data security, privacy and compliance. In doing so, their customers save time and costs. Their solutions range from user-friendly applications for day-to-day SAP reporting to complete S/4HANA system migrations.

  • 1350+ customers worldwide
  • Active on 5 continents in 49 countries
  • 35+ years of experience
  • 20,000+ active users

Here at Flexso, we’re known for our broad SAP expertise and ability to support our customers on their transformation journeys – no matter how complex. EPI-USE Labs, on the other hand, specialises in data – and develops solutions that accelerate, anonymise and optimise data provisioning in non-production SAP landscapes.

Hans Marcus

“We are proud to work with Flexso in solving business challenges. The value of working together has been reaped by our clients over the past 7 years and continues every day still.”

Hans Marcus - Business Unit Director for Benelux at EPI-USE Labs

Highlights from Flexso and EPI-USE Labs’ joint offering

ERP services

  • Data Sync Manager makes it more agile and easier to refresh and manage SAP test data – whether on-premise or in the cloud. Read more.
  • System Landscape Optimisation (SLO) solution supports organisations during business transformation projects such as mergers, divestitures or IT restructuring. Use it to move to migrate your data to the latest technology or to get your system into the shape needed to suit your business.
  • Data Secure is an intelligent masking solution capable of consistently anonymising data across all applications in an SAP landscape. Use it to scramble sensitive data without impacting test data quality. Read more.

HR services

  • Query Manager offers HR teams the ability to easily create reports from SAP HCM and SAP HXM SuccessFactors data. Use it to completely avoid troublesome ABAP reports – boosting the time, energy, agility and independence of your HR professionals. Combine it with Document Builder to send secure HR documents directly from SAP.

What you get out of our partnership

As a Flexso customer, you can count on several business benefits that add up in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and value-add.

To sum up, you get optimised, secure non-production SAP environments – on premise and in the cloud – enabling an SAP landscape that runs more efficiently on both application and infrastructure levels. You’ll be able to customise it more simply than ever before to ensure that is precisely what your business needs, and reap the benefits of higher-performing business processes as a result. We’d definitely call that a win-win-win.

Inspired and ready to collaborate?

Possibility is only a few clicks away. We’d love to hear your story and share with you how Flexso can help you achieve your business transformation ambitions – in full collaboration. Get in touch!

Written by

Nils Christiaens

Nils Christiaens