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Flexso becomes the Belgian People to Work Partner

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Since 2024, Flexso is the exclusive SAP People to Work partner in Belgium, officially designated to train job seekers aspiring to become SAP software consultants, developers, or end users.

Digital transformation brings progress, but it also reshapes our world, changing the job market as we know it. As jobs get redefined, new career opportunities arise. It’s no secret that the IT industry is booming and organizations worldwide are looking for consultants with software expertise. Recognizing the potential of job seekers interested to venture into a new career, SAP and Flexso partner up for SAP People to Work in Belgium.

What is SAP People to Work?

The SAP People to Work program aims to improve chances in the labor market worldwide. Specifically, by training job seekers to become SAP experts. Trainers directly from the world of SAP consultancy, equip them with the necessary skills to facilitate their re-entry into the job market and a career in SAP.

The program is a global initiative by SAP, supported by local governments and delivered by SAP partners in every region. For Belgium, SAP chose Flexso as their exclusive People to Work partner.

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In the vibrant landscape of SAP professionals, I am thrilled to welcome Flexso as our trusted Training partner. Together, we embark on a journey to foster growth within the SAP community. With Flexso's unparalleled expertise in training SAP consultants and end users, we are not just finding the right people but also igniting promising careers. This partnership is not just about connecting dots; it's about weaving success stories in the intricate tapestry of the SAP world.

Carl Hellebaut - Sr. Client Relationship Manager at SAP

Knowledge sharing is in our DNA

Flexso became the Belgian People to Work partner, based on our proven track record in training job seekers. Over the past 20 years we’ve trained over 1,000 SAP talents through various initiatives such as the collaboration with VDAB.

Mohamed Bouchih

As an SAP trainer I have witnessed the power of a well-designed training program in empowering individuals. I've witnessed individuals remarkable growth and progress throughout the program. This training has the potential to be a genuine gamechanger in people's lives.

Mohamed Bouchih - External Training Coordinator at Flexso

Find out more about our VDAB SAP trainings

Every year, Flexso and VDAB launch an SAP Consultant training for job seekers looking to start a career in SAP.

Find out more about our VDAB SAP trainings

What does being an SAP People-to-Work partner mean?

The training provided by Flexso is SAP-approved and guarantees high quality that provides you with better job prospects. In fact, 80% finds a job right after completing a training.

Our SAP trainings provide:

official SAP training systems

• original SAP training manuals & free use of SAP Learning Hub for a year

• SAP-certified trainers

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