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Looking for a way to simplify your VAT process? Look no more: Flexso is partnering up with Taxback International. Thanks to our new partner, you can now enjoy ready-to-use and best-in-class VAT process management on top of the existing expense management in SAP Concur. Let’s dive in!

The hardship of tax regulations

The difficulties of managing VAT legislation and administration are well-known for many organizations, both domestic and international. VAT regulations often differ from one country to another, and even from one industry to another. Almost any company deals with partners of different statutes, that follow different VAT regulations. VAT transactions with partners of various corporate forms can get quite complicated.

Even within your own company, following VAT regulations could stand to be simplified. Let’s say employees make expenses in their own name (for instance, lunch with a client). Those VAT expenses can’t be directly recovered through the company. All of these examples make expense and VAT claims a complicated and specialized matter. So why not rely on a trusted partner to deal with international tax regulations, so you can focus on your core business?

Flexso and Taxback International: a perfect match

Flexso is proud to announce its new partnership with Taxback International, a global industry leader in VAT consultancy, reclaim and compliance. The result? SAP Concur users now benefit from Taxback International’s best-in-class VAT reclaim and compliance automation platform, fully integrated by Flexso within the intelligent SAP business solutions.

Cedric castremanne

"Taxback International are known for the emphasis they place on innovative technology. I believe I speak for everyone on our team when I say that this partnership will bring significant value to both our clients.”

Cédric Castremanne - Managing director at Flexso

Our end-to-end expense management has got you covered!

Need some help with your expense management? Flexso supports its partners with the powerful tool set of SAP Concur, the global leader in expense and travel management. The easy-to-use digital solution enables end-to-end expense management, covering complex legislation rules and services of VAT within the application. Taxback’s integrated and intelligent automation services unburden you of any VAT regulation and compliance as well. As of today, the full package is covered!

Looking for a fast, easy-to-use and robust expense management solution?

SAP Concur’s endless possibilities and tailored solutions are exactly what you’re looking for.

Show me the way

Who is Taxback International?

Taxback International is a global industry leader in VAT solutions, combining innovative technology, deep industry expertise and value-added partnerships. With over 25 years of experience, their consultancy and compliance solutions maximize VAT reclaims and minimize risks for numerous renowned companies worldwide.

Taxback International has developed several technology platforms to assist businesses trading globally, including payments technology (TBI Pay), automated VAT reclaim services (VAT Connect), and the world’s first end-to-end VAT compliance platform (Comply).

Impressed yet? Check out these facts and figures.

Taxback International has a strong international presence and combines proven international experience with local expertise:

  • Over 25 years of experience
  • Supporting over 25 languages
  • Operating from over 30 offices globally
  • More than 12,000 clients across multiple industry sectors

“We feel very fortunate to be working with Flexso. We know the team at Flexso is passionate about delivering digital transformation to their clients and I feel both our clients will benefit greatly from this partnership.”

Todd Brennan - Head of Business Development Central Europe at Taxback International.

The Flexso & Taxback International partnership in a nutshell

As a result of this partnership, both Taxback International and Flexso’s customers will reap additional benefits. Flexso will provide a professional VAT reclaiming service to their prospects and customers based on the expertise of Taxback International. Taxback International in turn will rely on Flexso's expertise as a recognised SAP Concur integration partner for expense solution implementations. A win-win for both parties, and especially for our customers.

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