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Get out of your comfort zone: become an SAP Consultant

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Ever since 2004 Cevora and VDAB, in cooperation with Flexso, have been organizing the professional SAP Consultant training. This long history has provided us with a lot of expertise in offering training and education.

Why does Flexso support this Cevora training?

SAP leads the market in Belgium and the demand for SAP professionals is at an all-time high. Being an SAP service provider, sharing knowledge is extremely important to Flexso. We are therefore happy to put our weight behind this training program. It provides job seekers the opportunity to take their first steps into the world of SAP, and can change the direction of their careers. We organize both technical and functional training. Due to the quality of the lessons, almost every student has a job upon graduation.

Who is this training program intended for?

This free program is geared towards job seekers and takes three to four months, we work within a small group of 12 students. In addition to classroom lessons that mostly take place in the VDAB buildings in Heverlee, each participant will also receive individual and smaller group sessions.

  • The technical training is organized twice a year and starts each year in February/March and October. Upcoming training will start on October 23th 2023. In this training you will see what happens under the hood of SAP. SAP's object-oriented programming language ABAP no longer holds any secrets for you and you will be able to make adjustments to standard SAP processes.
    >> More info
  • The functional training is organized once a year and starts on June 28th 2023. You will be immersed in different SAP business processes and will learn to configure and parameterize within the SAP standard. The focus is on the buying and selling process, with a basis of programming and debugging.>> More info

In addition, process-oriented work and communication skills are also discussed: essential skills in a job as a functional consultant. After the training, configuration and business analysis will no longer hold any secrets for you.

Interested to join the next program?

Register for the upcoming info session on 11/10/2023 (9:00 AM) to join the SAP Technical track.

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Make the right choice, Choose the Flexso way

A SAP Consultant training hosted by Flexso offers nothing but advantages:


Quality training

Our teachers, guest lectures and wide range of exercices make the ideal preparation for professional challenges.


Proven references

More than 85% of our graduates found a profession within the SAP Industry.

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Free training

When registered as a job seeker, this training is completely free of charge.

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Field Expertise

Our teachers bring years of proven field expertise to the classroom.

Read the story of Sofie

Sofie Fannes was able to end her Cevora training with a job at Flexso. Until last year she was still a teacher. After 18 years of teaching, she felt it was time for something else. Sofie has always had a great interest in IT and occasionally experimented with programming herself. When she saw the video of the training to become a SAP consultant, she was immediately convinced. Job security within the sector is, of course, a major additional advantage.

Sofie-VDAB-technical -track

I will never lose my love for languages
At school I taught Greek and Latin. For years I shared my love for these ancient languages with the younger generation. I can certainly put my feeling for languages to good use in this job, now that I have found my passion in the SAP programming languages.

I didn't regret it for a second
I feel at home in the world of IT and at Flexso. I keep learning every day, and I get the opportunity to develop myself here. That gives me great satisfaction. Since I took this new turn, my days are too short!

Leave your comfort zone
Sofie's tips for people considering the Cevora training? "Do it, take the leap. I took a chance and said goodbye to my school. Suddenly I was on the other side of the class, but what a good choice this turned out to be. You get so much satisfaction out of this job. The IT sector is constantly changing, so you keep learning. What are you waiting for?"

Are you ready to kick off your SAP Consulting career?

Contact us to inform you on the upcoming trainings.

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Grisja Goossens

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