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Whitepaper: how to evolve towards a sustainable supply chain

What is the way forward for supply chain in the future, near and far? Which opportunities and plans do you foresee for your company? Five experts go head to head and share valuable insights, aptly moderated by Flexso’s Lead Digital Supply Chain Stijn Schepers.

What can you expect?

During a round table session, experts in Supply Chain shared their insights and expertise. The debate touched following subjects:

  • How did COVID impact your supply chain planning and execution? What actions did you take?
  • How do/did you build a resilient supply chain?
  • Will investments/focus in supply chain sustainability also help to make the supply chain more resilient? If so, how?

To set the scene, Professor Alex Van Breedam of the Antwerp Management School gave his insightful introduction on the topic “A resilient and cost-effective or sustainable supply chain?”

Ready to join the debate and get valuable insights?

Discover how your supply chain can become a differentiator.

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