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Digital Voices: what does the future of the supply chain look like?

An acute shortage of chips, an automotive industry that was ground to a halt, shipping prices through the roof, and to top it all off: the disaster in the Suez Canal. The need for a more efficient and digitized supply chain became clear during the pandemic. Newspapers De Tijd and L’Echo gathered industry specialists to talk about the future of the supply chain, including some of Flexso’s own experts. These are the insights from the conversation.

The ODTH case: turning data in to real insights

Logistics company ODTH has seen the industry evolve over the past decades. Digitization was the biggest driver for innovation: the use of realtime data changed the rules of the game. Together with Flexso, ODTH created dashboards to present this realtime data efficiently and in a user-friendly way. Using SAP as a leverage, abstract data have been transformed in to clear insights for their logistics.

Gunther H

“A portal with insights from inside and outside the company are a real game changer.”

Günther Heirman - Competence Lead at Flexso

Veroniek De Mulder, CEO of ODTH, and Günther Heirman, ERP Competence Lead at Flexo, had a conversation on their digital transformation and what the future holds.

Ask the industry experts

During the pandemic, the vulnerabilities of the global supply chain became very clear. So what can we learn from this? And what does the future of the supply chain look like? These questions were asked to key figures of the Belgian logistics industry, with representatives from ODTH, Tenneco, Antwerp Management School and BMT. The topic: how can digitization drive efficiency in the supply chain?

Veroniek De Mulder vk

We must learn that we ourselves are "The System"

Veroniek De Mulder, CEO at ODTH

How technology can sustainably improve efficiency

In any manufacturing industry, planning is key. Using technology to predict future production is not only a key driver of efficiency, but it also leads to a more sustainable and ecological process. Through machine learning and advanced planning, Flexso leverages the power of SAP to improve planning.

De Tijd and L’Echo asked our expert Stijn Schepers how to leverage technology to improve efficiency and sustainability in a production environment.

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