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Boost manufacturing performance with SAP Digital Manufacturing

In times when change can happen any moment and disrupt your manufacturing processes, what’s your secret to outpace your peers? Boost agility, efficiency, customer services or sustainability? Explore how SAP Digital Manufacturing, SAP’s next-gen Manufacturing Execution System, can help you achieve all that by streamlining and connecting you entire manufacturing chain – to drive true manufacturing excellence.

Why infuse digital technology in your manufacturing processes?

Need we still enlarge on the ‘why’? With a volatile market, demanding customers, fierce competition and the need for sustainable manufacturing processes, complexity on the shopfloor is soaring. Facing these challenges requires a resilient, efficient manufacturing flow – which doesn’t start on your shopfloor, but much earlier: from the moment your raw materials are purchased or rather, from the moment your products are designed.

Digitization can help connect and integrate all the data related to these steps: from engineering, procurement, warehouse and planning right through to transportation. This real-time, holistic, end-to-end view will help you forecast, sense and plan, so that you can take informed decisions, swiftly. And that’s just one of the advantages of digitization…

What is SAP Digital Manufacturing?

While manufacturing companies play a key role in today's economic growth and consumption, SAP has been investing in manufacturing solutions over the past few years. SAP Digital Manufacturing (SAP DM) is a scalable, cloud-based Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that helps manufacturers manage and control shop floor operations.

SAP DM has been around for some years, but SAP is continuously adding innovative features to boost productivity, efficiency, and quality throughout any manufacturing enterprise.

Five reasons to embrace SAP Digital Manufacturing

Enabling connectivity and integration across departments and plants, across SAP solutions and third-party systems and even with the broader supply chain ecosystem: that’s how SAP DM helps you achieve manufacturing excellence. By connecting top floor business systems with shop floor equipment, SAP DM helps you to

Break down manufacturing silos to boost performance

Using master data from your SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA platform, SAP DM provides one single data model and connected, integrated manufacturing processes throughout your enterprise – on global as well as plant-level. Your shopfloor is no longer a silo, it’s part of your entire manufacturing chain. Your win? Orchestrated execution, as a guarantee for increased productivity and cost efficiency.

SAP Digital Manufacturing Increased productivity

Get enterprise-wide top floor to shop floor visibility – and one version of the truth

As SAP DM enables real-time data exchange between multiple systems across all plants, you get a 360°, end-to-end visibility into the entire production process. So that you can take well-founded decisions to improve availability, performance & quality and boost traceability. As a result, you’ll take manufacturing efficiency – and thus customer satisfaction – to new heights.

Is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) overkill for your organization?

Perhaps the Production Planning Board and Production Execution Cockpit shopfloor extensions make the perfect fit for your operations. Check them out.

Gain actionable insights and work smarter with advanced analytics and machine learning

Monitor your operations down to the individual work center and analyze the root cause of inefficiencies, predict failures in real time and plan your resources smartly, by leveraging business and operational data points in SAP DM.

Looking for advanced insights? Feed the information into smart algorithms and machine learning that help you plan and execute really smart.

SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud analytics

Broaden your horizon

More than improving visibility in your own facilities, SAP DM lets you collaborate smoothly with your extended supply chain: from suppliers and OEMs to logistics partners. In this way, it helps you take advantage of your entire network to achieve greater efficiency, flexibility, visibility, and to realize new business models.

Open the door to innovative business processes

SAP DM brings Industry 4.0 to life! As it embeds a wide range of AI and machine learning algorithms and IoT features and allows for a wide variety of custom-specific extensions, it will provide you with new possibilities and insights – as a great starting point for new services and even business models!

SAP Digital Manufacturing: technical benefits

SAP Digital Manufacturing does not only offer added value for your business. Consider some technical advantages below.

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Powered by BTP

SAP Digital Manuacturing cloud is part of the SAP Business Technology cockpit, with the modern, flexible user interfaces of SAP Fiori.

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Cloud technology

A modular and scalable portfolio, which is easy to customize and extend, with public APIs and extensibility options.
Always driven by the latest cloud releases.

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Time to value

SAP Digital Manufacturing is easy and fast to implement and roll out (incl. accelerators) for quick Return-On-Investment.

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Out-of-the box integration with SAP ERP, SAP S/4HANA, SAP EWM, SAP Business Network and 3rd party systems.

Your trusted partner in digital manufacturing

Based on years of experience and expertise in manufacturing firms of all sizes, Flexso can help you achieve manufacturing excellence with SAP DM, step by step.

Our step-by-step approach

  1. define objectives, requirements and planning, to shape the scope of your project
  2. draft a roadmap
  3. align your MES strategy and roadmap with your business objectives and priorities
  4. develop customized functionalities to meet your unique needs
  5. implement and integrate SAP DM and roll it out across your plants, wherever they are located
  6. provide change management and training
  7. manage your SAP DMS solution pack, ensuring continuous improvement

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