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Digital Voices: digital innovation – how do companies grow so fast?

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Post-pandemic, companies are recovering quicker than expected. However, some companies seem to be growing quicker than others? Who comes out on top? The ones that digitalized! Want to know how the right technology can kickstart your digital innovation journey and take your business to new heights? Newspapers De Tijd and L’Echo gathered industry specialists to talk about just that.

Digital is becoming so strategic that you need to be planned and integrated to get results

Digital has become a must for all organizations. Management, IT and business are the core triangle: they need to work together seamlessly and provide mixed teams that are mobilised around certain projects. The CIO and his team are becoming more important. They now have to go beyond the technical implementation and also build a business case: does the project provide a return on investment? Is it worth the extra workload? Only after determining that should companies go forward.

De Tijd and L’Echo asked our expert Alexandre Vandenbosch how companies harness the power of technology to grow at the speed of light. Read the full article:

Alexandre Vandenbosch

Digital is becoming increasingly strategic: you will need a well thought-out plan and smart integrations to get results.

Alexandre Vandenbosch - Senior Manager Project & Program Management at Flexso

Digital innovation – how do company’s grow at the speed of light?

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