How DYKA group drives sales efficiency

With over 40 locations and 6 plants within Europe, DYKA, part of DYKA Group, a business unit of Tessenderlo Group, has an extensive manufacturing and sales operation. But as is often the case, their CRM tool wasn’t being used with enough consistency – which led to fragmented customer data and different processes in different countries. To unify their sales process, drive sales efficiency and take the next step in customer experience, SAP Sales Cloud turned out to be the upgrade they needed.

DYKA SAP Sales Cloud

DYKA is a leading manufacturer of high-quality plastic pipe systems, used in a wide range of industries. With over 1,300 employees eight European countries, DYKA’s sales processes became increasingly fragmented over time.

“This was leading to blind spots in crucial customer information, impacting both customer and employee happiness." says Nancy Van den Eynde, Sales Support Manager at DYKA Belgium. "Our response time to clients and prospects was affected too. Although we had a CRM tool in place which was supposed to prevent this, it wasn’t being used consistently. We didn’t have a 360° view of the customer.”

DYKA wanted to address these issues to continue to grow and compete in today’s global marketplace. Flexso advised using SAP Sales Cloud. Not only is the CRM tool future-proof, the implementation would also help DYKA streamline its sales and service processes and create a global template.

The challenge: streamlining processes across borders

Nancy van den eynde DYKA

“We operate in many locations and our sales processes, like the quotation and complaint process, differed greatly. That led to great inefficiencies. We needed one, single CRM application that would streamline our operations across borders”

Nancy Van den Eynde

To onboard all countries on the standardized template, processes and data needed to be harmonized. Unsurprisingly, the data migration – including cleaning up the data - proved to be a heavy workload.

To ensure a smooth implementation, Flexso followed the SAP Activate methodology. This involves a pre-sales phase, followed by project planning, blueprinting, configuration, and testing. The process was broken down into five smaller sprints to ensure that each topic would receive the proper focus.

Change management was also crucial in the CRM transformation to ensure optimal user adoption from the start. Flexso supported the DYKA team throughout that transition with different workshops, ensuring that their employees understood the benefits of the new solution and how to use it effectively.

Why SAP Sales Cloud?

  • User-friendly UI
  • Process integration (e.g. complaints process)
  • Actionable insights
  • Streamlined intercompany processes

But perhaps most importantly, the solution was easy to integrate with DYKA’s ERP, and PowerBI solutions, providing that 360°-degree view of customer data that DYKA was looking for.

The result: a 360°view of customer data

To tackle the challenges of a fragmented sales process, implementing SAP Sales Cloud was the perfect solution for DYKA.

“SAP Sales Cloud now provides us with a 360°-view of customer data. That helps us make more informed decisions to improve sales efficiency, deliver better customer service and, in the end, boost our bottom line”, Nancy concludes. “Thanks to the integration with the ERP, and PowerBI, our processes are much more streamlined.”

Moreover, employees love SAP Sales Cloud for its modern interface that provides actionable insights directly from the home screen. Mobile and offline availability are crucial for employees who are on the road and travel frequently. The native integrations with MS Outlook and Teams have also made the lives of account managers easier.

And the valuable partnership between Dyka and Flexso continues. Flexso offers continuous support, as SAP Sales Cloud is still being rolled out in a few other countries. Next steps will include adding marketing automation to move towards an all-round customer experience. Dyka is certainly fit for the future!

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