Banking on mobility: Bank Degroof Petercam’s flexible and sustainable mobility solution

Mobility benefits are key in your remuneration package. It’s a way to sweeten the deal for your employees – particularly if you can tailor your mobility plans to suit their specific needs.

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That’s exactly what Bank Degroof Petercam did: the company developed an easy-to-use mobility app to offer each employee the flexible and sustainable options that work best for them. A great asset for the company’s employees, but also for the organization itself: “This mobility solution sets us apart from the competition and helps us become an employer of choice.”

App for flexible and sustainable mobility options

“We have offices all over Belgium, but mainly located in larger cities”, Guy Spitaels, Head of HR Systems, Payroll & HR Service Center at Bank Degroof Petercam explains. “So, commuting to work can be stressful. Still, it doesn’t have to be. To support our employees’ commute, we let everyone fill in their mobility budgets how they want via our mobility app. Public transport, shared mobility subscriptions, a lease bike, electric or hybrid company cars… it’s all on the menu. The result: a better work-life balance and more productive and happy employees.”

Of course, Bank Degroof Petercam also wants to stimulate sustainable mobility alternatives. So, if employees forego a fuel company car for a greener alternative, they are rewarded with a ‘green bonus’ – an additional fee they can spend as they please.

"Our mobility app brings a better work-life balance, which makes for more productive and happy employees.”

Guy Spitaels - Head of HR Systems, Payroll & HR Service Center at Bank Degroof Petercam

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The Bank Degroof Petercam mobility plan

With an emphasis on user-friendly engagement, the mobility app is easily accessible to each employee via their SuccessFactors account. There, they find an overview of all mobility choices available to them, as well as current active options and leftover budget. Each employee receives a yearly mobility budget and can use the app to simulate a variety of mobility options. They can then choose the best possible transport option – or combination of options – for their own situation.

The application leaves no stone unturned when it comes to mobility options. People can choose more ‘standard’ public transport subscriptions, whether it’s the bus, tram or metro. But they can also choose to use their budget to lease an electric bike or go all the way up to a fully electric car. Furthermore, all of the options can be combined into a tailored mix, based on personal needs and lifestyle.

Employees with children, for instance, can opt to drive on days they have to drop kids off at school and use the rest of their mobility budgets to commute via public transport once or twice a week.

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Everybody wins

The flexible mobility application is not only beneficial to the current employees’ work-life balance and engagement. It is also a major bargaining chip for recruiting new colleagues and sets Bank Degroof Petercam apart in the war for talent.

And it’s a boon for the company’s HR and fleet teams as well, improving efficiency and supporting them in their day-to-day tasks. The app automatically assigns the correct mobility budgets and provides a real-time view on the mobility choices and the requests for public transport passes. This has significantly reduced administration and improved cost control.

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