Bank Degroof Petercam catapults its business and HR into a new era

Keeping up with modern customer demands, meeting employee expectations, complying with all regulatory requirements … Bank Degroof Petercam had a lot of boxes to tick. That’s why they decided to not only invest in a cloud-based HRIS platform, but added a series of innovative extensions as well.


The importance of an innovative, digital HRIS platform

“We wanted to merge different systems and create a new, singular platform that spans the entire company. For us, that had to be a future-proof and innovative, cloud-based solution that extended beyond our standard processes. By going the digital route, we are able to not only maintain a single database containing all our employee data, but also use this data for more extensive reporting purposes, which leads to new business insights that can benefit our customers. That’s why we chose SAP SuccessFactors and teamed with Flexso.

SAP SuccessFactors is the ideal environment for innovation: it’s a solid base for innovation, with proven best practices, that can easily be extended beyond standard configurations to cover our unique company processes. For example, we implemented the Training Request Manager to digitalize the management of our training programs.”

Guy Spitaels

"By extending our SAP SuccessFactors and innovating on top of our existing cloud solution, we have built a future-proof and innovative HRIS platform that suits our needs, from compliance to customer centricity."

Guy Spitaels - HRIS director at Bank Degroof Petercam

Why Bank Degroof Petercam opted for an extended SAP SuccessFactors platform:

  • full compliance;
  • better access to digital employee data;
  • a centralised platform for HR management.

The road to true HR innovation

Of course, there were some challenges along the way, but the teams of Flexso and Bank Degroof-Petercam tackled them together. Guy: “The banking industry is highly regulated and goes through a lot of changes at a fast pace. So, we needed a flexible platform to cope with that reality. We aligned with the business managers to make sure the new HRIS system captured the needs of the organisation from the start. Based on their input, we tailored the system to Bank Degroof Petercam and created a consistent and compliant HRIS solution that spans all levels of the company. And, more importantly, a platform that is future-proof: by choosing a cloud-based SAP solution, we are able to build extensions on top of the innovations of SAP to achieve specific, high-impact wins.”

Bank Degroof Petercam also revolutionized their mobility package by developing a mobility app, offering employees tailored and sustainable mobility options.

Read more about the mobility app here.

A single source of truth

The result? “We now have a platform that provides a single source of truth, up-to-date employee data and dynamic organisational charts, and a way for us to create more detailed reports which offer new business and HR insights,” Guy concludes.

Success Factors bank degroof petercam

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