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An ERP-platform for growing companies? Consider SAP Cloud ERP!

Did you know that a future-proof cloud ERP system lays the perfect foundation for growing small and medium-sized enterprises (SME's). Even more, SAP Cloud ERP helps over 250,000 growing companies today, to keep their business running and stay ahead of the pack. So why not join a winning team?

Many midsize businesses are actually doing really well these days, in spite of today’s disruptive world. New branches in Belgium or abroad, exciting new services and solutions, enthusiastic customers, happy employees: what is the magic bullet to the success of fast growers?

"By focussing on the essential processes, we were able to roll out quickly and optimize along the way, setting ourselves up for success."

Marie Sullivan - Reporting & Finance Manager at Waterleau

Turning grow challenges into new opportunities

As your business grows and you want to expand your operations; or already doing so, It Is very likely you will face one or more of the following challenges along the way:

  • Your underlying processes are becoming more extensive and complex.
  • You feel the need to professionalize, standardize, and streamline processes to compete with larger companies.
  • You want to maintain the agility and flexibility you had in your early days, and drive innovation to stay ahead of smaller start-ups.
  • Your current IT environment restricts your growth ambitions.

A modern cloud ERP-system makes the perfect start to solve all these challenges. But developing and maintaining your own ERP system is complex and expensive. Now for the good news: with a SAP Cloud ERP system, like SAP S/4HANA, you can automatically rely on standard packages and best practices - that's easier and cheaper! 😉
In addition, your new centralized platform provides the Ideal base to scale with your organization and spot opportunities along the way.

6 reasons to embrace SAP Cloud ERP

With SAP Cloud ERP, you benefit from the same best practices powering the large companies, yet packed in a ready-to-run, cloud-based package. That means not only fast deployment and ultimate flexibility and scalability, but also world-class security, automated and continuous updates, plus significant cost savings.

So what's my logical next step?

Putting theory into practice naturally calls for a concrete plan of action. Through a strategic maturity assessment with one of our experts, we create a clear overview of all your options and get answers to questions such as:

  • What are the limits and long-term threats of our current IT system?
  • How can we better integrate our processes and make them more efficient?
  • What are our growth opportunities?
  • What does our ideal IT landscape look like?
  • How do we prepare our organization and staff for a next-gen ERP implementation?

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Want to be inspired by other companies?

We support countless growing companies on their journey. Find out below how they realized their growth ambitions 👇:

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