20 years of Flexso

In 2024, Flexso celebrates its 20 year anniversary!

Time flies when you're having fun! It's been a highly successful journey thanks to many people: our customers, our partners and, last but least, our colleagues. We've grown from a niche player to an end-to-end SAP Partner, recognized as a clear frontrunner in the market. While the team got bigger and bigger, the initial 'Flexso vibe' is still alive and kicking!

Raf Alexander
I've always seen Flexso more as a community than a company. An open community based on knowledge sharing, teamwork and long-term partnerships with our customers.
  • Raf Alexander
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  • Founder of Flexso

Thank you!

20 years of Flexso would not be possible without you! We want to thank you, our people, customers and partners for contributing to our journey.

Feestje parking
Liesbeth verachtert klein
Proud to be part of the Flexso team for 20 years!
  • Liesbeth Verachtert
Zeilweekend truien klein
Feest flexso 2011
Flexso BBQ knokke surfers klein

This was Flexso Festival!

Flexso Festival was a legendary party, thanks to all of you!

What a day, what a party 🎉

Thank you all for celebrating 20 years of Flexso with us. 🙏 It was amazing to see so many of you, to catch up and party together. You rock! 🤘

What else is coming for 20 years of Flexso?

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