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Polizei Antwerpen erneuert ihre HR-Strategie

Der Umstieg von einer prozessorientierten zu einer nachhaltigen HR-Strategie, in deren Mittelpunkt die Mitarbeiter stehen: Wie geht das? Die Polizei Antwerpen macht es vor. Gemeinsam mit Flexso hat das HR-Team einen Transformationsprozess ausgestaltet. Zielsetzung: Wie können Service und Employee Experience für die 3.000 Mitarbeitenden verbessert werden? Das Erfolgsrezept: Sensibilisierung, Beteiligung, Mitgestaltung und intelligente Technologie.

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The Galapagos case: how to transform your HR practice in a fast-paced company

Since its inception in 1999, biotech company Galapagos has been expanding exponentially through both acquisitions and organic growth. A fast-paced and challenging environment for the HR department, which optimised their HR processes to not only keep up with the pace, but also to support the big ambitions of the organisation. In this webinar, Sandro Flamée, head of HR at Galapagos, reveals how they succeeded in transforming all their HR processes in just one year.

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Galapagos Success Factors

SuccessConnect: Let's change work for good!

Employee experience is driving conversations throughout business and is changing how we approach HR and HR technologies. SAP introduced human experience management (HXM) which focuses on putting people and their experiences at the center of HR to drive better business results

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HRM in de overheid: balance employee, organisation and customer

Flexible working combined with digitalisation has only gained momentum. But what does this new way of working effectively mean for governmental organisations? How do organisations evolve to offer direction and a strong company culture to a remote public-sector workforce? How do we remain resilient as employees, teams and organisations? What impact does working more digitally have on the services we provide to our customers?

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