Marjolein Callant

Digital Voices: the 1 second customer

Online you can become a customer in one second, but you can just as easily click through to a competitor. To convince customers to choose for your brand, companies put their best foot forward when it comes to customer experience.

A digital customer-centric story only has a happy ending if you get the whole organization on board

If you want to scale as a company, you have to align certain processes. Nobody is surprised when financial processes or technological choices are written down so that the entire company can use them in the same way. But when it comes to customer experience, these processes all too often remain undefined.

De Tijd and L’Echo asked our expert Marjolein Callant how to leverage technology to improve customer experience.

Marjolein Callant

We should not focus on digitalization as the solution in case of customer friction or disappointing business results. Really focus on the end-to-end process, with all internal and external stakeholders.

Marjolein Callant - CX Competence Lead at Flexso

The 1 second customer: attend the digital roundtable

During this livestream, CX experts explain in detail how they do it and what makes the digital customer experience so special. Explore the 1 second customer in an inspiring roundtable discussion organized by De Tijd en L’Echo.

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