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Flexso AppHaus: bringing your innovation ideas to life – together

Do you have a stellar idea for a new digital tool? A specific business need you wish to cover with a digital tool? Great! But how to make sure it will add true business value and your users will fully embrace it?

Our SAP AppHaus experts guide you every step of the way. From an idea to a high-quality, digital solution that meets your exact business needs: we’re here to co-create innovation with you. Go with the approach that best works for you:

Apphaus dream


Want to innovate, but not sure where to start? Discover innovative ideas and use cases to achieve your business goals by helping your end-users to achieve theirs.

Apphaus design


Do you have a concrete idea or use case you want to realize, but don’t know where to start? Together we design an innovative solution that achieves its goals and adds business value.

Apphaus build


Are you completely clear about what you want to build, but don’t have the technical know-how? We can build, implement and roll out your innovative solution in a scalable way.

Clear focus, starting from goals and needs

With the AppHaus methodology you’re not just building a digital solution. You’re building a solution that solves the problems of the stakeholders and that helps you to achieve your business goals.

As an SAP AppHaus partner, we are dedicated to ‘humanizing’ business software development. In other words: we put people at the center of the development process. In this way, we help you create products that resonate with and are tailored to the users’ needs, which is a guarantee for product success.

apphaus design thinking

SAP AppHaus methodology: it all starts with behavioral change

SAP AppHaus methodology: it all starts with behavioral change

Customer-centric prototypes

Every software development project focuses on the stakeholder needs, in order to ensure user adaptation. To reduce the risk of change or service requests after go-live, we let end-users extensively test our prototypes. Based on their feedback, we can iteratively improve the solutions before the implementation starts.

Cost efficiency

To avoid budget overruns, you want to keep costs top of mind at every stage – from scope definition to project delivery. As SAP experts, we can easily gauge the cost of implementation and help you focus on the must-haves, so that you’re sure to gain real business value without things getting out of hand.

Make the most out or your BTP

SAP Business Technology Platform is the foundation of the ‘Intelligent Sustainable Enterprise’. But what does that mean? And more importantly what can you do with it?

Have you wondered the same thing? Then our BTP Discovery workshop is for you! It will help to:

  • Get inspired by potential innovations and the power of BTP
  • Generate use-cases for innovation in your business
  • Leverage the full SAP potential to reach your business goals

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SAP AppHaus: meet the community

Flexso is the only Belgian member of the SAP AppHaus Network – an exclusive community of SAP partners who share the conviction that innovation needs 3 key ingredients to flourish:

  • Process: a human-centered approach to innovation
  • People: a multi-disciplinary team
  • Location: a creative environment

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